Maximum number of own POI categories
  • Is there a maximum number of POI categories (.mca) files the system can handle. The reason I ask, is that I have split up a speed camera database into type of camera - speed e.g. Gatso 50, Gatso 60, Mobile 50 etc and about 1/2 are not showing up along with some more mundane ones. They are in the right directory and do exist (I checked!).

    Many thanks,


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  • yes, there is a limit on imported files, I think it is 30 at this moment
    developers are working on extending this figure
  • Many thanks and more would be great!

  • Dont expect it early, our developer said: "In the last version I added logging of mca(s) which did not load and fix some problems connected to it. Support for more mca imports maybe in the far future".
  • Thanks for getting back to me and I can work around the limit.

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