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  • Hi, I have a lot of problems when searching an address although it exists in OSM data. A few examples:
    Östereich, Hainzenber, Dörfl 393 - this address can not be found. Mapfactor doesn't know the street Dörfl.
    Polska, Częstochowa, Generała Kazimierza Pułaskiego 86 - The house number can not be found, although it clearly exists in OSM.
    Česko, Plzeň, Univerzitní 1159/53 - First search for Plzeň. After typing PLZ The first 10 results are villages containing "u Plzně" as description. It really makes sens to sort the results relevant to their size and show big cities first. Then search for Univerzitní. You get 2 results although there is only one street with this name. If you are not lucky and choose the first one, you won't find the house number you are looking for.

    I think the search algorithm needs some improvements to be as reliable as in other navigation applications which all I tried found these addresses without any problems.
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  • On my MFN the street Dörfl is known. Austria map is 44-201702230.

    Edit: Dörfl 393 is not a singular housenumber in the map, but the last number of a group of housnumbers. Dörf is a somewhat strange street, because it has several branches.
  • I found all three adresses including house numbers
  • I tried it again after the latest update. Now the first address in Austria is found without any problems.

    I was able to find even the second address in Poland but it has the same problem as Univerzitní in Plzeň. The street is shown i many sequences and each of them contains only some of the house numbers. Have a look at this screenshot:

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