Problem with Saved Routes
  • I have be trying to use saved routes.

    It appears that the route that gets retrieved depends on the routing mode setting, shortest, fastest, cheapest,  in the route setup tab of the route info screen.  I discovered this  when I loaded, from saved routes, a route that was not the one I saved.  I had saved this with shortest setting and had changed the setting to fastest when I retrieved it.

    It seems to me that if you save a route you should get back what you saved.  I saved a route because the program algorithms generated bad to ridiculous routes that I did not want.  I wanted the route that I wanted.  I don't need the program algorithmns screwing up the route that I spent over an hour on getting way points to force the route.

    When I don't have an established route, I usually want fastest, and I leave that setting on.  I have learned that with fastest, forcing a route with way points, in one case, required a waypoint on almost every block because the program wanted to get off the street that I wanted in my route.  I saw another forced route that was hard to do in shortest.  Leaving the phone always on fastest doesn't solve the problem.

    Is there any way to avoid, when you are retrieving a saved route, having to figure out which routing mode setting I saved my route with?

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  • what you are saving is routing points set, nothing else
  • I have not before used a navigation program and am a very new user.  I live in a medium sized USA town of 40,000 people.  We have one artery where traffic congestion is an issue.  We have enough suburban non grid streets to make a navigation program very useful.  I have one 1.5 mile route with 10 turns, none of them with directional signs to the destination.

    With exceptions where only one route exists, I haven't seen Navigator, or any other program for that matter, produce any routes that I would use. There are too many local variables.  It always want to route me through the worst intersection in town. Opposing traffic to me, relatively heavy, at this intersection is all left hand turns.  The traffic light has a left hand signal. Somebody came up with the idea of letting opposing traffic, very light, through on alternate green lights. To get through the intersection you may have to wait through two red cycles to get a green.  Nobody complains because other alternative parallel streets don't have the problem. Locals know how to avoid the problem. 

    In another case, there are two parallel streets that cross the heavy artery.  On one street, there are always three or four cars waiting  at the red light.  On the other street there is seldom another car awaiting to go across.  The algorithms always use the street with more cars waiting.

    It seems to me that a viable navigation program needs to provide people with the ability to have custom routes that take into account local variables.  Such programs should let users build their own routes.
  • Using your local knowledge, you can build your own route by setting waypoints.
    When there are streets you always want to avoid, simply block them on your map by editing the marked section (you may need to customize your toolbar in order to find that option in your info panel) .

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