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  • Hi.
    I use Mapfactor Navigator 2.2.78.
    I recently replaced my Sony Xperia SP Android 4.3 by a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) Android 6.0.1.
    In settings, "check map updates" is checked.
    I can see in "map management" that there are map updates available.
    However I don't receive any notification of map updates.
    It used to work with my previous phone.
    Have you got an explanation ?
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  • Edit: sorry, I overlooked your settings are already okay. Probably untick and tick this again?
  • As said in my initial post, it is already enabled
    Other ideas ?
  • I've done what you suggest (untick/tick)

    Do you know the frequency of map update check ?

    How long will I have to wait until receiving a notification ?
  • Sorry, no idea, as I am not using this function myself. I download maps by PC instead and copy them manually on my phone.

    Just an idea: As you are using a newer Android version, you probably/unintentionally deactivated notifications for Navigator in general. Phone --> Settings --> Sound & Notification --> App Notifications --> Navigator
  • Thanks.
    I checked the notifications : they are enabled

  • Maps are usually updated once a month then rolled out country by country during the following month. This means any changes in OSM can take up to two months to appear in Navigator. I get a notification telling me when map updates are available.
  • @jd417 But he is wondering, why he does not get an automatic warning (though check map updates is checked), when he sees in map managment at the same time, that in reality there are new maps to be downloaded.

    It is not, that he is not waiting for updates in general but he is wondering about the missing message for those new maps already existing.
  • Thanks Oldie to have reformulated more clearly my question
  • if notification for maps you can upgrade to was already displayed, then you will not see it again for a few days
  • Interesting answer !
    I have this new phone since a few weeks.
    I installed Mapfactor Navigator and downloaded maps for France.
    I'm almost sure that I didn't get any notification since this installation.
    If I missed this notification, how many days should I wait before seeing it again ?
  • I think one week, but I am not 100% sure, I am not a developer
    this is to avoid having notifications too often

  • Could somebody else with Android 6 test if it works or not ?

  • it works for me, A6.01
  • As far as I remember there were problems with France maps some time ago and so there was no update in January an February until now. Maybe thats the reason.
  • Thanks.
    I'll wait one week.
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Android. 6.01.

    As I stated earlier I do get map update notifications. I also have the early maps access box checked. If you open the Europe area of maps in map manager the map name shows the date of the latest map on your device. On mine for France it is 16th February 2017. (201702160). Is this what your device shows?
  • I don't have early maps access box checked (only check map updates)

    In map manager, I see (France East) :
     201612080 installed
    201702160 available
  • You can download & install the available map by clicking the download button at the bottom of the page.
  • I don't have any problem to download map updates
    My only problem is that I don't receive a notification telling there are map updates available though "check map updates" is checked
  • @leanewg
    Anyway, as download manager offers the new maps, you will have to download them before getting any new notifications as @tomas said already. As far as I see, it is just a notification, it will not start download automatically.

    The next month is about to come with rolling out new maps day by day I think. You could see, if you just missed the last notification accidentially as was discussed already.
  • Some news...

    On February 25th, I've downloaded France East 201702160 and started waiting for new maps : the 4 maps for France were up to date.

    Since this date, I didn't get any notification.

    Today, I manually checked if map updates were available :
    France North OSM Feb. 27, 2017
    France West OSM March 3, 2017

    I confirm that "check map update" doesn't work for me on Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) Android 6.0.1.

    I will simply put an alarm on my phone to make me remember to check manually each month.

  • They didn't work for me either - Android 6.0.1
  • Thanks Allan

    It seems I'm not the only one...
  • not everybody gets notification immediately, it could be too much for our servers
    sometimes you have to wait a little longer

  • With my Samsung (and the Sony before), wifi and mobile data are not permanently activated. I only activate them when I need some network access, usually between a few minutes and half an hour.

    With the Sony, I did get map updates notifications without any problem.

    Nothing with the Samsung until today. The difference is that I exceptionally kept wifi activated during more than 1 hour and I finally got a map update notification !

    Does someone know how "check map updates" works ? what is the frequency ? daily ? weekly ? monthly ? at a precise hour ? what happens when there is no network connectivity when it occurs ?

    Thank you

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