Voice Navigation is Backwards!
  • At least on my Android, the voice navigation is backwards.  Navigator says "Turn left in 200 meters"; it should be "In 200 meters, turn left".

    Many people have told you about this problem for years.  Why don't you FIX it?

    Why?  Why?  Why?  It is IMPORTANT for your product!  Just FIX it!  Don't wait for another week, or month, or year!  Fix this!!!!
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  • ...for Years??? Why didn't You tell us about it?

    Look at the file:


    I swaped lines 1095 with 1096 and so on.

    Download it and put it to Navigator Catalog (make a backup Your oryginal flie).

    Please write short comment after test.
  • 1. Connect Your navigation with PC (USB cable).
    2. Open Explorer (for files).
    3. Find Navigator Catalog (Folder). There should be navigation.xml file.
    4. Rename this file (back it up).
    5. Download file navigation.xml to this Folder (Catalog), from link above.
    6. Open Navigator and test result.

    How turn on TTS voice:
    On Android (Smartphone): Settings - Languages - TTS - IVONA Text-to-Speech.
    On Navigator : Settings - Language - Voice language - Synthetized ... .
    That's all.

    (btw) Thanks for Your comments!
    (edit) What about Roundabout?
  • English is also my native language. However, ignoring arguments about grammar, from the point of safety it is better to have the distance first as an example in 500 meters turn left, in 200 meters turn left, turn left.
    As it is a the moment you could be past the point of no return while you wait to see if there is going to be any more instructions after the turn left part of the command.
    Tom Tom is not the only navigation system to employ this form of instruction, Navigon also uses it.

  • this really depends on language, in English you can have both, but the current order is more usual.

    I think that chattiewoman or oldie amended navigation.xml to reverse sounds
  • True, but I did it for German tts only.
  • Agggh.

    To respond to everybody:

    The language I am using is English.  It is my native language.

    I don't know what "tts" means.

    It is almost impossible for me to believe that a sentient being - one who has tried both voice narration strategies whilst actually driving a motor vehicle - would prefer hearing "Turn left in 200 meters".  I fear asking the reason.

    Prezemek:  I understand almost none of your post.  (And you evidently misunderstood at least part of mine.  Yes, people have written to MapFactor complaining about this problem for years.  MapFactor responses have included promises to address the problem.)

    Two people have suggested the current order is "more usual".  Really?  More usual?  I guess it is also "more usual" for people to write "your" when they mean "you're".  The "most usual" place to buy hamburgers might be McDonald's.  Is that what you are getting at?

    Trust me, there's no contest about what order the voice narration should use.  Ask Garmin.  Or think for yourselves.

  • tts stand for TextToSpeech - it converts text instructions to sound. Advantage is that you can hear name of the street you will be accessing.

    I personally think that it is better to hear distance first - wen I hear TomTom I find it slightly irritating, but I would not make issue of it

  • Yes, it would be better to have distance first. I may try Przemek's suggestion..
  • Even if I am not english native (but the problem is the same in french), I find that weird to hear "Turn left" before "in 200 meters".
    If I hear "Turn left", I will want to turn left, right away, without waiting 2 or 3 more seconds for knowing whether it's now or later.
    Here, giving the instruction of turning may introduce a doubt, and on the road, this can lead to a security issue.
    Of course, we should never rely too much on his GPS, but... this can be disturbing.

    And as it is already said, most GPS give the distance before. It's not a coincidence.
  • Yes!  Sentient people have spoken up!  Very encouraging!

    Let's hope common sense prevails, MapFactor will make the change, and we can get on with it.
  • First of all: be nice! (or are you a user who donated a lot of momey, or are using TomTom maps? Even if so: be nice)

    Secondly: Which language are you talking about and are you using tts?

    You might be right from a personal point of view, but I prefer to hear the "Turn left in 200 meters". So for me your suggestion would be incorrect.
    If you use tts there are several ways to correct it yourself. Search for the posts of chattiewoman on tts.
  • Calm down Chubb. In English I would agree the current order is more usual.
  • There is a big difference in writing your and you're. That is really wrong depending on the way it is being used.

    With regard to other navigation apps: I have used 7 apps and they all do it differently. The simple fact that you are probably used to TomTom doesn't make that the correct one.

    If this really annoys you that much after years and years, I simply don't understand why you do not stick to TomTom.
    Obviously many people like it this way and you don't: that's simply a matter of taste and not incorrect grammar (like you're :) example of you're and your) 
  • @Chubb,
    thank you for calling me and others non sentient, very nice of you.
    I too like the way it is right now and the only thing you can ask for (not demand like you do) is making it configurable.

  • I do not prefer hearing "In 200 meters, turn left". I do not intend to participate in any "common sense". I do not mind being "sentient". I only intend to keep using this either free or cheap navigator. Thank you developers.
  • Special edition for >pt< :

    You can edit this file, and test it, especially from line 441.
    What about roundabout and sliproad?

    For Honda, Toyota and Mazda Board:
    あなたはこのファイルを編集することができ. あなたのクライアントは、彼らの新しい車で、このナビゲーションを見てみたい. あなたの時間とお金を無駄にしないでください!
  • Any update on this?
    I'm using the italian version. I'm wondering if the workaround works for Italian too
  • @PrzemekSupak  Many thanks for your modified file in your post above . It really makes the difference I was looking for and makes Navigator so much better in use (at least for me).

  • When I open the navigator folder, the file navigation.xml mentioned in this previous comment is no longer already present.  Is it now somewhere else?  Do I still place the alternative version here?

    I'm using version 2.2.78.
  • It appears after the first run of the app.
  • Thanks for your response, John.

    I had already run this version of the app tens of times, with the usual navigation prompts.  However, there was absolutely zilch in System/mnt/sdcard/navigator until I copied the new file into it.  So, I'm wondering if that's the correct navigator folder, before I road-test it.
  • android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/

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