ext SDcard - works fine
  • I recall a post a while back that said Navigator wasn't reading maps on the SDcard. I have a Samsung J5 on android V6.0.1 and Samsung tablet SMT-116 android V4.4.4.

    Early this week due to space shortage I thought I'd try both on the SDcard. All I can say is that it seems to be running FINE on both. Due to that post I hadn't dared risk it. Maybe the problem was android V5? (V6 upgrade was last week).
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  • Ooops. Well i thought so but i was doing routing in the house. Took the dogs out this afternoon and tried a Ordnance Survey walking app. Back in the house checked a route on navigator i'd got to do tomorrow... it couldn't find maps i.e. somehow was not looking on the sdcard. So it would seem the glitch is still there and something to do with wifi conficting - somehow?

    So back on internal memory and all seems fine... but the memory is 80% full.
  • Android v6.0.1 has two ways of using SD card storage.

    1. Portable
    2. Extended internal

    Portable will not allow any installing of apps to the SD card. It is intended for the user's multimedia storage.

    Extended internal will use the SD card as extended internal storage and will be encrypted and not readable by any other device. The OS will treat it as internal storage.

    Be careful.
  • Thanks for the reply. Sorry I don't quite follow what you have tried to explain.

    "Extended internal will use the SD card as extended internal storage and will be encrypted (and not readable by any other device)[1]. The OS will treat it as internal storage [2]."

    [1] relevant? The Sdcard is in one appliance
    [2] I expect the OS to read the SDcard but you say it doesn't so why have the option of putting the maps on the SDcard if it doesn't work. Ah - well I found it does at home but if I leave the house it doesn't. i.e. a GPS or wifi problem somehow.
  • you've probably sorted this now, but essentially it means that to avoid the problem whereby you cannot put certain items on the SD card, the latest Android version allows the SD card to appear as more internal storage so anything can go on it.It has to encrypt it otherwise it can only recognise it as an EXTERNAL card. I run Navigator free on my Chinese in car DVD unit via SD card and it works perfectly.
    On my phone it is in the main memory and again works perfectly here in the Philippines. Have to use the OSM map tho' as the TomTom is way out of date.

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