Sticky locked cursor Navigator 11 Free
  • Trialing Navigator11 Free on a windows 7  PC with a mouse. Sometimes(>50%) clicking on destination flag, the cursor sticks to that point. 
    Moving the mouse then drags the current view around. Its really sticky and there seems to be no key or combination of keys to release it. Only way so far is to Ctrl alt del and stop the program.

    Can anyone please advise where the problem might be? Is it that this software really only works with a touch sensitive screen ?
    Mouse Logitech m705, screen LG w2243s, box AMD Athlon 2.8ghz , 6gb ram, 64bit,windows 7 home ed, sp 1
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  • I have experienced the same issue a few times. It has been solved by clicking left/right mouse key a few times.
  • Thank you. I think I have tried that but will try again. 

    It is interesting to hear as tech support "cannot replicate" the problem but I notice if the GPS is not present the problem will not occur ? But that is not a particularly useful fix ! 

    I'll chase down my GPS manufacturer and ask them for some clues.
  • I have also experienced the same problem form time to time.  
  • I have also experienced this. I also found it seems to be only ever when I have a GPS connected and it has never happened to me when no GPS connected.

    It happens when trying to drag the map around and it seems to be when not in navigation mode so you just have the map display with current position from GPS being shown. Then, when you drag the map it just keeps following your mouse movements and it is not possible to get the menu to reappear. The program keeps running, i.e. the position is updated and the map movement still works. It is just that the 'menu', etc at the top will not appear. Alt-F4 will kill it to restart the program.

    Samsung N150 Netbook with XP SP2, no mouse, Bluetooth GPS.

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