Routing points
  • I also use Navigator for checking out routes in advance of a trip as well as on a route.

    Since the last update... iirc it seems something has changed. I used to put in the destination first, followed by waypoints and then the departure. The point of the departure location is that the route is planned from that point not the GPS position. I haven't done route planning for several months. This week end i tried some and found the route always started from the GPS location which is not what I want always.

    Is this a change or is there a setting I have overlooked or activated accidently?
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  • It seems you pressed Navigate instead of Calculate route
  • And you find the calculate route button only under tools so not on the main screen.
  • Ah thanks - i'll have another look.
  • Thanks that's the problem just done a little testing. If one puts in say a dozen waypoints (not in order)... how does optimise work? Calculate route perhaps needs to be done first (but then would also optimise automatically?).

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