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  • Just bought the TomTom map. A little disappointed! Does it do weight limits and bridge heights?

    Ok so I am going to go in my 26T truck from Braintree, Essex to Maldon, Essex, stop at Kier, Stepfield Rd, Witham. CM8 3TH.

    From my own knowledge there is only one route... from bitter experience a pain!!!! In Witham almost every other road is a 7.5T limit. The way to go is: from Braintree go down B1018 to Witham. Once in Witham you turn down The Avenue NOT Collingwood Rd as it is 7.5T. Then turn left onto Colchester Rd B1389. Top of Colchester Road one turns right into Freebournes Rd, 2nd right into Stepfield Rd for Kier. Then return to Colchester Rd, turn right, and get onto the A12 going South. Take the B1137 for Hatfield Peverell and then Maldon Rd B1019 and onto Maldon.

    Collingwood Rd and Maldon Rd in Witham are 7.5T. I was wondering what weight limits were covered? The simple solution to Truck maps is to choose just 40T (artic truck) and no intermediate other weight limits. For height limit simply less than the standard 16'6".Then a truck map could be quite simple but effective. Apps I have looked at get complicated when they include 18T limits, and accommodate different vehicle height - resulting in too many inaccuracies to be worth using. Even the expensive TomTom and garmin and trucker stanavs still lead trucks down the narrow lanes and other daft places.

    From driving knowledge i can say that every village and Town somehow WILL allow access for construction work 40T trucks. So what exactly is the TomTom maps set up to do. You could say why not use a trucker's Atlas.... fair point but they do not cover weight limits and bridge heights IN towns.
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  • Just tried another close to where I live. Drive south from East Heckington on the A17 to Gosberton 85 High Street, PE11 4NJ. Put in a waypoint on Wood Lane, Quadring PE11 4SS which will take me down a weight restricted road Hipper Lane for a truck. It should route me down the road either side as it's 7.5T but does not.

  • I think you set your vehicle incorrectly, or using free maps
    Hipper lane is not used when I try it

  • yes thanks. With OSM one can't change the vehicle parameters, one gets a message to access and suggestion to install TomTom map. I changed the vehicle parameters and fine. Tried OSM just to see the difference and found the same but the route was via Donington - 2 miles longer.

    Is the TomTom map for 12 months?

    It would appear that the TomTom map is better? Interested to hear other folks opinions.
  • TomTom maps have no expiry date, updates are charged at approx 50%
    you can update any time in the future, no need to do it with every release.
  • updates cost is useful to know.

    Checked out Witham's B1018 route and it doesn't seem to work so that is an error. However Grantham's bridges it seems to find which is great news - experimenting today. I used to use a Trucker's Atlas which is great BUT bridges and weight restrictions in many smaller towns aren't covered so one has to have a truck satnav.
  • Went to NW10 7NZ yesterday from Grantham, Lincs. 18t truck

    Down A1, A41, right onto A406 (North Circular) and round to Premier Park Road. But took a loop; Dudden Hill lane (Willesden), High Road, Church Road, Craven Park, Hillside, Brentfield, rejoin A406 for 1/2 mile and into Premier Park Road.

    I tried a waypoint on the A406 to avoid the loop - which resulted in 'route not found'. Though I should have specified a departure so entered NG32 2BW, pressed optimise, then calculate route, and still 'route not found'. presumably optimise is not needed for one waypoint but anyway... didn't forget calculate route. Still 'route not found'.

    I can't see a bridge on google maps or any likely weight restriction on that road. Be grateful for any explanation as on Monday i am likely to be asked why I went that way!

  • with default car settings and 18t truck route does not go through Dudden Hill lane
    please check your settings
  • I should have checked truck height again it was set to 5m. Trying heights from 4.5 upwards.... it takes the loop on 4.9m (bridge at that height somewhere on A406). I was a bit too conservative to be on the safe side!

    Worth setting for each truck obviously! Easy to forget when one is in a hurry to get away from the depot.
  • tomas said
    "TomTom maps have no expiry date, updates are charged at approx 50%
    you can update any time in the future, no need to do it with every release."

    Could you explain the update process please? Presumably if in 'Map Manager' the 'Map updates check' box is ticked - when there's an update one is notified and the user is notified of the 50% charge. is that correct and how often is the update?

    Also if one has the TomTom maps on one's phone... is one charged for another install if one wants it on their tablet as well. I sometimes look at routes on the tablet as it is more comfortable to look at the bigger screen - just wondering that's all.
  • yes that is correct
    TomTom maps are released quarterly
    aillicence is per user, so we can activate another device - you need to email

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