Importing my csv or ov2 poi's to the newest android navigator free 2.2.63 possible?
  • Hi there.

    I am looking for a navigation wich can serve all my needs.
    1 Always offline.
    2 Waypoints in the route.
    3 imported poi's wich can be set as waypoints in the route

    So I just installed navigator free. Downloaded my maps, put in my favourites and until now it works for me.
    Now for the importing of poi's.

    I drive on LPG/Autogas, and thats why I need to set the waypoints from poi's IN route.
    Most programs can only make a seperate route for them, but then it will show all directions. And of course it would be ridiculous to drive back the other way again on the route to tank... So I just want to see the ones on the way I am driving. Enter Waypoint. Like tomtom could do 15 years ago, but in nowadays navigations seems like a very special thing...

    The normal in app (whatever app) tankstation poi's are useless, since you cannot choose those wich only sell lpg. Plus they show no information about when they are opened. And I always drive at night.

    So I have my poi's as ov2 and as csv file.
    Is there a way to import them?

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  • What you need is the Digger console to convert your files.  A quick search on the forums will give you all the information.

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