Routing anomolies
  • I am planning a route using TomTom commercial maps to a campsite in Devizes which is at one end of Spout Lane and I would have expected to approach it from the A365 which is to the North. Calculation is set to 'fastest'.

    I have spent a considerable time fine tuning my vehicle profile by adjusting the speeds and preference. From the default line coulour Spout Lane appears to be a 'local road' which I have set 'extraurban' to 10mph 'urban' to 6mph and preference to 5%. 'use speed restrictions' is checked.
    I did not want to travel along the road from the South as it is very narrow so decided to 'disable a link'.
    The popup correctly states that there is a 7.5t weight limit but also that 'speed limit' = 59.7mph (national speed limit?) and average speed = 21.7mph both of which can be adjusted! 
    I am confused by this an would have expected to see the speed I had set in the profile.

    Am I doing something wrong? Which speeds does Navigator use when calculating a route and how does 'preference' work.
    Spout Lane runs from 51.350061, -2.075147 to 51.35715, -2.071953
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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates
  • Hi Tomas

    The significant ones are those that designate Spout Lane as mentioned above:
    Spout Lane runs from 51.350061, -2.075147 to 51.35715, -2.071953

    I am certain that my preferred route is longer from:51.340904, -2.139311 where the routes diverge to 51.356528 (destination), -2.072057. Google recons 1.1m and 1minute.
    My query is really how Navigator applies the speeds and preferences in the vehicle profile.
  • with alternative routes I get two results
    1. 7.8km 6min A365
    2.7.3km 6min A361
    default car settings

    not sure how Google can do it in 1 minute

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