Complete mute available?
  • I have been using MF Nav now for some time on two phones and love it. The only very minor issue I have is I cant work out how to completely mute? If I have my phone on bluetooth in the car, for obvious reasons, the satnav takes over the radio, even when volume is turned down (when it then just goes quiet for the time it is giving isntructions).
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  • you can set Silent in setting/localisation/navigation sound
  • As said above. And then you have click on voice guidance (translation from my dutch version) and set if form recorded voices to silent mode.

    Why a simple mute function is so well hidden in 5 clicks of menu is a complete mystery to me.
    Why isnt it just 1 simple click on the map screen?
    A lot of people nowadays use their phones for music in the car. And it is VERY annoying to constantly here the voice come over it the whole time.

  • then you select Custom sound and use your volume button
    I think there is enough on the screen as it is
  • Using the volume button would put the music volume down too no? If you turn of the sound it will show the mute sign on screen anyway  :)
  • if you choose Custom volume, then it will control only Navigator sound when in Navigator

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