Bluetooth Sprachausgabe über Car-Audio
  • Hallo,

    ich habe mein Android-Smartphone über Bluetooth mit meinem PKW verbunden - Klingeln und Telefonieren funktioniert. Was leider nicht funktioniert ist die Sprachausgabe aus NavigatorFree (Version 2.2.54) für Android.

    Die Einstellungen bei "Kanal der Tonausgabe" habe ich schon alle durch - leider ohne Erfolg. Was auffällt ist, dass die Option "SCO-Protokoll" zwar im Display des Bordcomputers eine "Meldung" anzeigt (es kommt also etwas an), es erfolgt jedoch keine Sprachausgabe. Hierbei spielen die anderen Optionen keine Rolle - es ist egal was ich sonst noch einstelle.

    Hat jemand noch eine Idee ?

    Vielen Dank
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  • Wird wenigstens das Radio bei einer (fehlenden) Ansage unterbrochen?
  • Nein, leider auch nicht.
  • Wenn Telefonieren aber funktioniert, dann habe ich leider keine weitere Ideen. Bei mir funktioniert es.
  • I drive for my work in different cars all having other builtin bluetooth equipment (I assume)  and for some of the cars I had exactly the same issue. 

    In one of the car  the board computer mentioned something like "outgoing call" and then "disconnect" sometime after what should have been the instruction, but I hear nothing.
    But indeed like chattiewoman mentioned: the radio is temporarily muted.

    I installed the apk "mono bluetooth router" from google play and then it works.
    You could try the same.
  • I’m having the same issue BerndE mentioned plus another one:

    When disabling the SCO-Protocol but leaving Bluetooth on and connected to the car I don’t hear no more instruction through the phone speaker. I have to turn off Bluetooth to get instructions again. Is anyone of you experiencing the same behavior?
  • Yes, exactly the same.
  • SCO protocol is for phonecall in car. We are using it for navigation instructions. If you turn it off then Android automatically switch into a2dp protocol-this you can hear in car system if you switch into media on car radio. Other voice channels doesnt affect sco functionality. For a2dp other channels can disable bluetooth on some devices. Thing is that bluetooth function was not tested enough(we dont have enough car systems for it-devices implementation is quite fragmented). I recommended to remove this function from 2.2 version before releasing...
  • Hallo, leider auch mit "Mono Bluetooth Router" kein Erfolg - ich kriege keinen Ton an das Radio. Sehr schade.
  • Mal in einem Forum für deinen Auto-Typ nachfragen? Die könnten Lösungen für fahrzeugspezifische Probleme kennen.
  • I have the issue that the voice output is much too late if coming at all. I haven´t changed any settings thus operating with the default values. The car radio´s FM sound is mostly muted down when MF wants to tell me something but especially if it´s short speeches only they don´t "reach" the radio in time. Sometimes I have the feeleing that they are delayed but mostly I think that they are sent in "real time" but I just hear the rest of it becuase the beginning is not coming through althoug the FM sound is already muted. So in most cases the FM sound is muted only but no message comes from the phone. I have no idea whether this is a "bug" of the car radio or of the protocol or of MF.
  • try to disable SCO in settings/advanced/sound channel
  • SCO is not selected. There is no selection other than "Medien".
  • set SCO on, start navigation and then deselect it
  • I´ll try next time I use the car, thanks.
  • No change. If I switch it ON, no sound and no muting on the car radio. If I switch it OFF, it´s the same as before. Sometimes nothing, sometimes rests of a speech, in seldom cases a complete speech.
  • Meanwhile I tried MFN with active bluetooth in two cars with similiar results:
    *) SCO enabled: I get instructions on the car radio but in a unsatisfying way (too late, too long interruption etc.). I don't know if these behaviours are car-related or not but anyhow, I would have no problem if I were able to hear instructions via the phone. But
    *) SCO disabled: no matter which sound output channel I choose, I get no more instructions by the phone speaker (only when turning off bluetooth generally).
    Because there has to be a bluetooth-connection to the car radio to be able to phone legally while driving, MFN in its current version for me is OF NO USE in a car.
    Question: Is there an older MFN-version available without this bluetooth-bug?
  • In my car it was the other way round if I had watched it correctly (as stated above). Strange ;) Anyway, I agree to the "of no use" statement.
  • I sometimes still use (abuse) MNF by switching off the SCO protocol and using the external app "Mono Bluetooth Router". For me that works very good. No pause before and after the message, and no somewhat late instructions.
    Using "phone" always generates mini to larger pauses. Media output works best (for me).

    It also depends per bluetooth set in the car. I drive on very regular base rental cars. I use 2 navigation apps, MNF being one of them.
    In some cars I don't experience pauses before and after the instructions: in both applications.
    And in other cars I do experience them: also in both applications.
    Apparently the bluetooth implementation per brand/model can differ, but maybe also per phone. 
    And yes: I know they all should apply the same protocols based on the standards, be it on the older 3.x, or the newr 4.0 or 4.1 standard.

    I encounter pauses in Reneaults and Kias: There I switch off SCO and switch on the external app. 
    Ford works the best for me. Can't remember for all the other brands. But that is my personal experience.
  • Hallo, ich habe mit "Mono-Bluetooth-Router" nochmal getestet und zwar ohne MFN. Also nur mit Medien - eine Internet-Radio-Übertragung. Auch hier nur eine Anzeige im Display des Autoradios, dass eine Verbindung mit dem Phone versucht wird. Es kommt aber kein Ton an, das Autoradio spielt weiter den eingestellten Radiosender. In den Bluetooth-Einstellungen ist auch nur ein Profil "Telefon-Audio" verfügbar.

    Liegt wohl nicht an MFN, sondern an meinem Ford-System...
  • I had installed Mono BT Router and connected it to the car. As soon as it was connected the radio station was muted immediately. So I haven´t even tested whether there would be any sound from the phone. Is there any specific setting I need to apply to prevent the permanent muting of the car radio?
  • I know a little bit about the several bluetooth protocols but I'm no expert whatsoever on the implementation in the different apps or in Navigator.

    There is a difference between SCO and A2DP within the bluetooth protocols (and there are more).

    SCO is only for voice data. So for instructions it seems fine. However, I think this is the reason that you get the "incoming phone call" message on your radio when you use it in Navigator. I have that both in Navigator as in the other app where I select SCO (MNF) or phone output (other app). 
    A2DP is for media for either hifi mono or hifi stereo sound. The other app works fine on "media" without the disturbing and sometimes delaying "incoming phone .." message.
    But not in all cars as mentioned above.

    There are numerous posts on the web where you can find that a bluetooth set in the car works fine with phone calls, but not with media. Almost all cars are A2DP compliant as well today, but it simply doesn't seem to work always.

    Actually the "MonoBluetooth Router" apk is not for connection to car kits but to "mono bluetooth headsets" but that worked OK for me in previous Navigator versions before the bluetooth implementation. And it still comes in handy in some cars (as mentioned above). I think it simply "grabs" all kinds of audio data streams and sends it over the same bluetooth output, but that's a guess.

    I'm not exactly sure whether SCO is the best way to handle this w.r.t. to the "incoming phone call" message. If I don't use SCO, but via media on the "Mono bluetooth router" it almost always functions.
    That is with my phone: Samsung S5 mini Android 5.1.1. But I'm afraid it varies per phone.

    (Note: my own car doesn't have bluetooth, but will have it in 3-4 days. I'm very curious)

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