Usage of free TMC for Mapfactor Navigator
  • Hello,
    I use Mapfactor Navigator on a Windows CE 6 device - it is running great and I am able to receive free Traffic Message Channel data.

    However there is a message that the table data are missing.

    After searching the internet, I recognized that the german BAST offers so called LCL list for free TMC.
    I have received the LCL list (LCL15.1.D-160122) from the BAST internet side.

    My question: Is Mapfactor Navigator Free able to use TMC data? Is it just the case that I have to put the LCL list (which one - the csv file?) under the right name and right directory to the Micro SD card? What is the file name in this case - do I have to adapt some xml file? Maybe settings.xml?

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  • there is no way that you could use your own table, sorry
  • Maybe have a look at an older thread about this problem.

    For me it was a temporary problem which solved itself after a while. Probably wrong data from that station.
  • OK Thank you - then I will just wait a little bit and trying again.

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