How to stop the voice during navigation on Android navigator ?
  • Hello
    After trying several others applications, I am trying freenavigator on my android phone and find this application very useful : great job !
    But I can't find the way to stop quickly and easily the voice during the navigation ; it is useful for example during some part of the navigation very well known. 

    Is this possible without going to the detailed settings, too complex m├ęthod ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer !

    best salutations
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  • you can use hardware button

  • Hardware button? Not every phone has a hardware button for muting which is easily accessible.

    hdmeltest probably asks for a mute button which remains active after pressing. In addition to that I sometimes wished to have a kind of Shut-Up-Button on the screen which would have allowed you to interrupt a command output. Maybe this would be an option, too. Such a button / area could be displayed / highlighted during an output only.

  • Hardware button (or widget button too) to mute is not for me the solution because it is a "black or white solution" ; with others android gps software, I can choose easily during the navigation if I want to ear alarms sounds (ex radars), voice , voice + sounds or nothing. It is a good solution so I can for example continue to ear my music on the phone without the voice "turn left" or turn right"...

    Am I certainly not the only one who use the gps software like this ? ;-))
  • In fact this is a question of personal preference and experience:

    When I navigate, I want the navigation voice to have the highest priority - after a phone call.

    If I don't need the navigation voice at all, as the screen is enough, I can turn off the voice completely in the settings.

    So far, I did not have the need to mute the voice down during navigation.
  • Yes, but when I do that, I mute every sound of my phone : sounds for alarm (alarm of the gps or alarms of other applications), music... even if I just want to mute the navigation voice....

    And I must also think to change again the settings of the phone when I leave the gps application... Not very cool....
  • I don't understand this question either. When you are in an unknown city with a lot of directional changes I'm glad to have the instructions.
    When you're on the highway and the next exit is after 88 kilometer, Navigator doesn't mention anything anyway.
  • Here the question is not "How I use my GPS" ; personnaly, I prefer to see the road on the screen rather than earing a voice , except when I must choose may way in very important traffic.

    the question is rather "how can I adapt Navigator to my use" ;-)

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