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  • There are a lot of houses in Israel which are tagged with addr:housenumber and addr:street, but in Mapfactor I'm unable to choose a house number in the street. Can someone explain this ?
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  • There are a lot of changes made by you 20 hours ago. Do you have an example where correctly tagged housenumber with street was there at least a month ago? These changes will not be visible until next month map is finished( around 11.11.).
  • The link I provided is something I have not touched and contains these tags.
  • I clicked on no 11,13,15,14,16,18 and 20 and allwere edited by you 24 hours ago
  • Sorry about that. It seems these ones were indeed edited by me. How about a case where there is a house number (addr:housenumber) without the street attached to that tag. Will Mapfactor be able to assign the nearby street name to that house number ?
    The question comes because I found a lot of tagging like that and wonder if they were done correctly or need to be changed..
  • we will be displaying these, but they will not be searchable

  • Thanks for the answer.
    Is it possible to add some logic, so such house numbers will also be searchable (by assigning the nearest street name to them) ?
  • but that could give false results
    I do not think it is a good idea
  • An option would be to detect within which administrative boundary of a city/town/village the address coordinates are. In that case you can search for the address directly in a city.
    In Germany and Poland that are hamlets where the houses have numbers but are not connected to a streetname.
    Some nav apps can handle that.
  • these are, what we call, town house numbers
    we have them for Czech republic and Slovakia, but they are not included in OSM

    for example our address in Prague, Stefanikova 24/266 - 266 is town house number
  • At the moment we are not even displaying not searchable house-numbers(this may change in the future). The case hvdwolf is talking about is already working but there needs to be tag addr:place="name of town".
    But it's only working in towns(hamlet,village,city...) right now. This should only be used in smaller villages without street names.

    Assigning these HN to nearest street is not something reliable. It's better to correct these in OSM.
  • From the answers above, it seems buildings with only addr:housenumber attached to them are not searchable and not even displayed. This is very unfortunate since in the case of the Israeli OSM data there are thousands of addresses that were tagged like that (whole cities). It seems addr:street needs to be added to all of them (huge amount of work).
  • Based on Nigels answer you need at least addr:housenumber and addr:city.
    Best is of course addr:housenumber, addr:street, addr:postcode and addr:city
    So yes: That would be a huge task even when you script it (in python or perl or so) to parse an osm file and assign the smalles admin boundary, that contains that address, as addr:city. But that would be error-prone and not accepted as mass-upload,  and you might have 123 times a number 16 as housenumber.

  • > It seems addr:street needs to be added to all of them (huge amount of work).

    But that´s the way it works.
  • I tried to check what other apps do in this case and for example, MAPS.ME (which is also based on OSM) does know to display addresses with house number tag only and they are also searchable.
  • @sivan00 It has the opposite experience, city + number = MAPS.ME not find anything (+ do not support addr:place in small villages)

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