"Failed to download list of available maps, try again later please"
  • Hi,

    about a week ago my Germany maps have suddenly disappeared (others are still there), and I can't download maps any more: "Failed to download list of available maps, try again later please". Rebooting doesn't help.

    Any ideas what I can do?

    Navigator 2.2.54, Android 6.0.1

    Thanks in advance for any pointers,


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  • try again, possibly from another wifi hotspot
  • I tried several now, including the mobile network, no change...
  • servers are fine, I just downloaded 700MB

    you can also download maps using our PC version:
    once maps are downloaded, copy them to your device, android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data folder
  • What download method do you use?
    Direct or torrent?
    And "Early Maps" or regular?
    Try the combinations please.
  • I use torrent, early maps, but that hasnothing to do with it, list is downloaded first
  • I don't use early maps, and use torrent download. Changing these options has no effect though. It seems as if it is not able to access the list of maps in the first place.
  • Since there doesn't seem to be a solution for this problem, I saved my favorites.ml file (and a few others), de-installed the app, manually deleted all its many traces, and reinstalled it, then downloaded all the maps I need. It seems to work fine now, I hope it lasts...
  • Well, that didn't last long, it happened again. Suddenly the "Map" view doesn't show a map any more, and trying to download maps results again in "Failed to download list of available maps, try again later please". What's going on with this App?
  • go to settings and click Send logs
    please mark it for my attention
  • Tomas, thanks for your attention to this, I just sent the logs.
  • No problem downloading maps with direct download.
  • problem is that one of your .mca files is already corrupted.
    Navigator reads headers and dispaly dcf (list) accordingly.

    we cannot say which, so you need to delate all .mca files in folder

    as it happens repeatedly, I would suggest to reformat SD.
  • Thanks for your help. It would be good if the app could determine which mca file is corrupt, any chance to add that to the feature wish list?
    While not impossible, I doubt that my SD card is defective, I changed it only recently and picked a very good one. Also, only Mapfactor Navigator shows such unusual behavior.
  • Another point: just because ONE mca file might be defective, I find it strange that the app can't access the map download server any longer at all.
    Could it be that unsuccessful downloads of map updates (due to loss of network connection) could play a role in how files end up corrupted? Because I had problems with map downloads before I had this problem.

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