Traffic circles and number of exists
  • Hi,
    the spoken directions on circles are counted in Navigator. But sometimes some private exists are counted like an regular exit. So the number of the circle exit is not the right one and let you exit the circle to late. How it is possible in OpenStreetmap to sign some exists not to count?
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  • Hi,
    is it possible? The OpenStreetMap help tells, that it is application specific.
  • Yo can't set that in Openstreetmap. Of course you can tag the spokes as being private or service, but it's upto the application to decide what to do with it.
    Also some users might think differently about it: Some simply count the number of spokes without paying attention whether they are actually allowed to take that spoke.
    Others really "skip" the spokes they are not allowed to enter anyway.

    It also depends where you drive. If I drive in Europe on the right side (literally the right side to drive :) ) I do "examine" the spokes.
    When I occasionally drive in England or Wales, I mostly simply listen to the number of spokes (=the exit) and look at the right roadsign above/next to the exit, especially on those 3-lane 8-spokes roundabouts. When driving such a big, complex roundabout clockwise, instead of counterclockwise, I don't have time to look at bus lanes, service lanes, one-way lanes or whatever disastrous, non-standard spokes occur in Great Britain.

    So whatever MNF might decided, I think it would need a flexible approach
  • Hvdwolf,
    my suggestion for a better and easier driving will be not to count the exits. For me it would be easier when the voice tells me a direction like the clock-face. "Direction 3 o'clock" and so on. It could be a option in navigator. This option could be a unique characteristic no other software has. I would like it.
  • This could work very well with 4-spokes roundabouts, but not at all with the 8-spokes roundabouts  I referred to (or 7-spokes or 6-spokes)
  • It seems to me that clock face directions make sense of you go round the roundabout in a clockwise direction, as in the UK, but are counterintuitive when driving on the right.
  • In Germany we talk and act the same way like you, who are driving on the "right" side. It is usual to tell sb: go to direction 10 o'clock and so on. My other proposal would be to tell the direction in degrees. Go 280°, 270° and so on. But the clock-face methode will easier to understand. And it should be an option in the Navigator. You can decide your self what better is for you.
  • I'm afraid that some users might have problems with degrees.
    Anyway, it only works with 4-spokes roundabouts which are very common in Germany and the Netherlands.

    In France and Great Britain I have seen and driven multi-spoke roundabouts which make this very complicated. Despite all possible drawbacks I still think the  "take exit x" is by far the most clear for most drivers.
    Your argument that it is not allowed to take some exits is for me not a valid argument. The fact that it is not allowed for you to take the exit, still makes it an exit for someone who is allowed to take it.
    So simply count exits. 
    It doesn't make a difference whether you are not allowed to take it, or that it is not the exit you need. If you need the 3rd exit, the 2nd exit can be a "not allowed" exit or an exit to a destination you don't want to go to. Simply take the 3rd exit. It doesn't make a difference.
  • And again,
    in OpenstreetMap map sometimes smaller private exists are registered and sometimes not. The Navigator tells the exis number so well the OpenstreetMap maps are. The problem is only when you drive only by voice, perhaps on motorbike with the smartphone only in the pocket and voice over bluetooth in helmet. When you can see the Navigator layout everything is well. I will only propose a feature which could help a lot of people. And when it is an option you can decide yourself.
  • I know very few roundabouts with private exits and never experienced difficulties with Navigator. I wonder, if this is a relevant problem.

    And I am a proud German since 60 years and the only time, when somebody told me to go to direction 10 o'clock, that was at the army (Bundeswehr) some 40 years ago. I have no problems having been with the army but afterwards and at times when there were no navigation devices at roundabouts people only counted the exits, when they wanted to explain to me where to drive.
  • I agree with Oldie. And on a motorbike without screen you still count exits. simple as that.

    It is obvious that people have different preferences. The fact that I react on this topic is simply because I prefer the current way of working staying as default. If there are more possibilities: fine with me.

    But if nobody reacted we might have seen a "new feature" which I personally wouldn't like at all.
  • Another option for MFN would be to use signpost information as some other navigation systems use. e.g. Take the 3rd exit towards "name of town" etc. I believe OSM can be tagged to give signpost information at roundabouts & junctions.
  • @jd417: Yes, that can be done.
  • @jd417: Yes, that can be done.
  • Is there any information when this feature will be available?

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