Navigator Free - speeding up the route simulation
  • Hi Martin --

    It's a great product and I'm really enjoying using (and playing) with it.

    A question about the route simulation mode.
    I set up origin, destination and waypoints.
    I then get it to calculate the route.  A plan view of the whole route appears on my screen.  Excellent.
    Here in Australia some of the route can be long - one that I'll be making is 800+km.
    I then get it to simulate the route where it runs through the whole route from beginning to end in the 3D view - it's the view that I'll see as I drive the route.
    But this seems to be at a snails pace - the simulation will take hours and hours to run from start to finish.

    Is there any way of speeding up the simulation so that it will run through it in minutes?

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  • I agree with Phil on this request. It would be great if we could have at least several "speed presets" for the simulation mode.

  • Hi nineercharlie and asgalk

    I have set up a new vehicle called " Simulation Mode" based on the Car settings. I then change all the speed settings to 100 mph and unticked the box "Keep to speed limits" for each road type . That gets me a simulation speed of 93 mph on all roads ( I think this must be the program limit.) and it moves on much faster.


  • Hi Martin (mdx)

    Based on my comment above, would it be possible to increase the speed limit (from 93 mph to say 200mph) on a nominated vehicle called "Simulation Mode " to allow the machine the program is being run on  to be the speed restiction instead of of the program ? I hope so, as this would probably be a quick and easy change with minimum cost involved



  • Hi Martin

    Just back from holiday and had a go with Navigator 12 Beta in simulation mode. I've found that the maximum speed has been increased to 158 mph which make my simulation zip along. Some of the graphics are slightly affected, especially on roundabouts, so increasing this maximum further would not be advisable. Thanx for moving the max speed to this level.



  • hello,
    I think it would be helpful, if it possible to klick on a point further ahead of the route, to show critcal junctions.
  • Hallo,

    please, can anyone help me about the starting up of  a simulation on any  certain route,
    because it starts AFTER  about 5 minutes  (stays silent - unmoving), and starts from about the middle of the route.

    The app is new, version 1.2.25

    Thanks !
  • you can start simulation only from departure
    you cas speed it by sliding the flashing button to the left and then use slider
  • I have made a "Fast Car" and upped the speed to 253 mph.................   but, on local roads the "simulate" speed is 28.   The speed in Urban areas moves to 50 mph.  On Interstate Expressways the speed is up to 80 mph.   These glacial speeds cripple the usefulness of "simulate". 

    I don't have the "flashing button on the left or the slider"
    Win7 and Nexus7/Android 4.4.2.

    Has someone actually achieved > simulated speeds?   How?
  • The Nexus7 Tablet does show a slider and button.  They do change the speed.................   I'm seeing the equivalent of 300 mph now in simulate mode on Expressways.   Settings, Navigation and my 'special car' and disabling all but the fastest roadways  moves the simulate process very well now.   I suppose that very very tiny button was there all the time.  Is it an "undocumented" feature?   It does not show on the Desktop PC.

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