Export + Import settings possible?
  • Can I somehow export all the current settings into a (*.ini or *.xml) file, then copy this file to another MapFactor Navigator installation on another SmartPhone/Tablet and import it there?

    If not: Can this feature be added?

    Where (in which file) are the preferences stored on Androdi v6?


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  • depends which settings
    vehicle settings are in vehicle_profiles.xml
    colour themes in album.style
    favourites in favourites.xml
    routing points sets in routing_points.xml

    all in folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • Thank you.

    I am particularly interested in settings of core prog. I guess it is in navigation.xml

    But one step further:  Can I copy these settings files to another MapFactor Navigator installation on another Andoid device and replace the settings files over there?

    Are the the settings files upwards compatible?

    Read: can I copy settings files from a Mapfactor Navigator installation under Android v5.1 to an installation under Android v6.0.1?

    Thank you


  • yes, you can copy them, they are compatible
  • I would appreciate a more comfortable procedure such as a common sharing button from within the app rather than running through directory structures via a filemanager!

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