Routing Simbach - Braunau
  • Can someone please check/explain this routing:

    from 48.261450, 13.033504 (Simbach, Germany)
    to 48.260479, 13.034319 (Braunau, Austria)

    Instead of just walking or driving 130 m using the bridge it leads me over a bridge much further away.
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  • When checking openstreetmap* it is obvious that someone divided the bridge with a node exactly on the border. OSM is correct. You can see in YOURS that it works.
    I assume somehow in the map creation process these 2 bridge halves are not connected. That's (most probably) why it can't route over the bridge.

    Someone need to fix this in the Navigator maps.

    (*: if you have an osm id you can click to edit if you know what you are doing).
  • Route setup not matching profile? Like enable local road?
    Germany 44-201608090
    Austria     44-201608190
    navigator 2.2.44
  • I encountered the same strange route and I always have small local roads checked (which should be a default in the application anyway).

    Your map dates:
    Germany 44-201608090
    Austria     44-201608190
    do you have early maps switched on?

    The latest versions I have (and can download) are 44-201608150 for north/east Germany, and for Austria 44-201607210 and Germany South 44-201606240 and West only 44-201607250.

    (as an off-topic question: Did we not receive a July map for South Germany?)
  • @hvdwolf "do you have early maps switched on?"
    Yes. Can't give subregions details, as [v] Germany OSM is selected

    @hvdwolf "(which should be a default in the application anyway)."
    I'm using a separate car profile for driving through UK  and another for EU
  • "I'm using a separate car profile for driving through UK  and another for EU"

    So am I.
  • My map versions are 2016-06-24 (Germany South), 2016-08-15 (Germany East) and 2016-07-21 (Austria), no newer available at the moment. The strange routing even happens as pedestrian. I did check OSM and couldn't find an error (and, btw, no history note, that's why I asked here), so I think it's a mismatch between the different MFN map versions because I'm sure the routing was alright last year.
    Thanks for checking!

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