Details missing to walk in mountain
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  • That is nothing Mapfactor Navigator is made for. It is mainly created for road navigation. So maps are much smaller than would be neccessary for mountaineering. For example Austria Map is approx. 100MB for Navigator and nearly 600 MB as specific outdoor map (both OSM maps).

    Use specific apps like Oruxmaps and related maps as Openandromaps for walk in mountains!
  • I am not sure my comment is posted !


    When I walk in the mountain, it is very useful to have some important details like :
    (1) in Switzerland => cog railway between Grindelwald Grund and Kleine Scheidegg
    (2) in Switzerland (Grindelwald) or in France (Arcs 1800) chairlift, skilift and cableway

    Through OSM (on my PC W7) these details (1 - 2) are present, but on my smartphone (Galaxy S5 - Navigator 2.1.97), these details are absent.

    Do you think, you can do somethink ?

    in fact, I would like to have the same details through OSM PC compare to OSM Android mobile

    Thank you for your attention

    JP Merlen
  • Use OsmAnd for hiking. It has all these details.

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