Navigator 16 is released. When comes Navigator 16 free?
  • How to find out when the new version will be released?
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  • Today the setup utility updated and then installed 16.0.4 in Windows and 16.0.11 in WinCE. Thanks a lot for the new version.

    So far I have seen no changes, so my question: what is new or what has changed since version 15?

    Is there a change log somewhere?

  • One thing I noticed is the alternate routes feature is not free.
  • ok, now is the osm version released :)

    There are people on android which dont know what is openstreetmap and crying about  unfinished maps....
  • My major personal problem with the WINCE-Version is still not fixed.
    The setting "Turn maps" which means North oriented maps yes/no is still not persistant.
    Whenever you switch from map viewing mode to navigation this setting is always reset to "turn maps = on" and if you want North up you have to set it again to no in navigation mode, most of the time that means that you are already on the road and driving and have to fiddle with settings.

    @steiny180 I think you are talking about the Android version. This Windows/WinCE version never had alternative routes.


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