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  • Hi

    I am constantly exploring MapFactor Navigator Free, and I can say it is really impressive. Let me write about my notices. I am using navigation on windows CE with device modecom mx2. 

    1. Bottom line information. It usually shows  name of  the street which is THE NEXT ONE, NOT CURRENT. Am I right? It should show the current one first.
    2. The only infomation visible in the bottom bar is STREET OR ROUTE number. I think this field should be SELECTABLE  for example

    1. Street only (or route number) 
    2.Street  (or route number) and city name (city is usually most important)
    3. (for example) Street,or route number, City, and Country ISO SYMBOL (D, PL, LT)

    I think it is good idea to consider this issue

    thanks in advance 


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  • I don't want the current road. I want the next road, like it is now implemented. I don't care whether it becomes a selectable option, because I will still select the next road.
    The only circumstance where you want the current road is when you are in the road of your destination. And that is when it disappears.
    My suggestion would be to simple leave the "last road" (because that is what it is in essence) in the bottom line.

    And my next statement will be a bit blunt but that's really how I feel about it, is for the selectable options on the base line: Why on earth would you want to see the city (city is usually most important??) name and country name. If you don't know in which city you are  and not even in which country, you have missed an awful lot.
  • I am not sure why should it show current road rather then next one

  • I don't use street name at all, so please consider change this bar to information line, like at TV informations channels. I would like to see there my preffered POI, and distance to it (also speedcameras). Not only one, but changed after few seconds. Additional tts voice about most important 'red line' are welcome (filling stations, TMC info).

    Of course street name as option.

    TMC parameters for Medion P4440:
    COM1, 56000 baud, GNS
    Works in Czech Republic, between Trutnov and Harrachov, but only is able to receive information. 
  • I want to say it again. Every user should be able to decide about the information he want see on screen. The only way to configure visible details is number of panels selection for now. Assume that there is Washington Avenue in Warsaw and the same Washington Avenue in any English city. Consider a very long distance between two different countries, for example.

    You are not able to guess the information the user will expect on screen. It should be customizable


  • I do agree (or actually don't care) that it becomes an option, but your 3 options refer to current street as you like it. In that case it should be 6 options as I don't want current road but next road.
    And as mentioned: Currently it displays the next street and when you are arriving in the street of your destination there is no next street and then the bottom line gets empty. For me that is the only moment when I'd like to see the current street.
  • I do not insist on displaying the current or the next street. Displays the next street might be a good idea, although it requires a habit. (it is new for me) I think rather about a feature of selection of information that are relevant to the  user. 


  • +1. I would like to know the current street in the panel too.
    Would be great, if in a first line the current street with the name of the town (when highway, then the number of the highway like "A7")
    and in the second line the next street would be shown.
    The current street could be in quite small letters.

    But as we can see here, many people, many opinions. So it should be configurable.
  • I ask authors to consider these details. 

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