Change Icone navigation mode
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  • The counter does not work, so I support this by text.
  • Yes, it is text.
    But it would be nice the speed display is on this icon.
    For the current display is small.
    This would be an evolution of Navigator.
  • That one is still relatively small. The implementation I saw in Navmii is nice as well.

  • @MacDony. I understood, what you meant.

    What I said, was related to the counter on the top left corner of each post in this forum. Ich clicked on the triangle above to support your opening post here, but at that day that counter didn't work ;-)
  • Great idea to put the actual speed in that button- saves space!
    So I make a +1 to the counter! Because it doesn`t work at the moment.

    But also, the two other following buttons as shown in the pictures from MacDony (who cycles through the views) should be improved:
    • The button always show the present view. It should show the next view- i.e. what happens if you press it. Because: Like it is now, it`s confusing.
    • When you navigate and select the second map view style, the
      non-3D-detailed one, the map section does not move while driving – so
      your position moves out of the map very soon. Therefore I could not find
      any use of this view style.
    • There should be a fourth cycle with zoom level inbetween the second and the third. Or, even much better: The zoom levels in the cycles should be configurable. Or make the zoom level in the second cycle smaller. Because: The zoom level in the second cycle is too big for me.

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