Language change for Mapfactor for windows CE
  • I have just downloaded and installed Mapfactor Free Navigation software for Windows CE in my car.
    During configuration i selected wrong language. Can you please guide how to change language of the software to english for windows CE in a car navigation system??

    Awaiting your early response.
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  • MENU -> Settings -> Application -> Language.

    You must have downloaded the language you want to use.

    BY the way, here is a link to download the manual for Version 15

  • Thanks a lot Uli i will check as you said
  • Dear Uli,

    It does not work due to different language i could not find application and language option.
    However, somehow i found Map language i selected to English but the software language remain unchanged.
    I think it is Czech or Spanish.
    Can you help in this??

  • Well I don't know if the order in settings is the same in all languages. Here on my unit, which is in German, "Application" is number 5 in System, the one with the yellow wheel sign, that's one below where you found map language.
    And in application "Language" is item number 4.
  • esp: configuracion / la localizacion / idioma de la aplicacion

    cz: nastaveni / jazyk a mistni nastaveni / jazyk programu

    en: settings / localisation / application language
  • Thanks Uli & Durko. It works thanks a lot.

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