Avoid part of route option or request
  • Is it possible to select a particular road in the route (ex: M25) and select to avoid this section? if this does not exist could it become a future function please.
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  • press screen during navigation for 2s to create detour
  • The detour option is not long enough, if I want to go via the M1A1 rather than the M1 the detour option would take me for 10 miles off the M1 route I am on and it does not calculate a complete route before travel commences.
  • you may want to try the 'disable link' option before calculating your route. On the map, tap a point on the road to avoid, then edit link, disable link, ok. Then calculate the route. That road will permanently be disabled until you enable it again.
  • Thank you IU0BMP for your clear explanation :-)

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