Request for in app volume control slider bar with mute on map display
  • I installed the app onto the Android head unit installed in my car dash and it works great, however the volume of the car audio system does not change the output volume from the voice guidance.
    It would be a great feature if there was an option on the map display to adjust the volume and to mute the voice output from within the app.
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  • try to set Custom volume in settings/advanced
  • Thank you, that did not resolve it but I found a setting for sound output in the Android configuration settings of the head unit and lowering this value has resolved my problem.
  • I give this request +1, because the counter doesn`t work at the moment.
    I would really like that feature too, to have a button or slider for adjusting the volume and mute it!! But try to keep it small in space: No extra button for muting, but solved the muting feature only by decreasing the volume down to the end.
    To fit all people here, make it configurable, if it is shown in the map or not.

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