Mapfactor crash while trying to download Earth.osm
  • Hi all,
    I'm using mapfactor quite a while onde several devices. But on an older phone (android 2.3.6) and mapfactor version 2.1.97 it crashes (proces com.mapfactor.navigator) when updating the maps. This has always worked without any problems, but not since the mapfactor forces to download a new version of Earth.osm. Currently I have version 41-201511100 and the new version of Earth.osm is 41-201604080. One other devices with newer versions this crash does not occur and the maps are updated correctly.
    Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?
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  • If I remember well, you will find earlier in this forum, that latest
    versions of Mapfactor (software and / or maps) are no more designed for rather old devices and /
    or Android versions.
  • that happens with Android 2.3 - is that what you have?
    if so, copy maps from your other device

  • Correct it is an older phone, but it has always worked. And it should regarding to the playstore description.
    If not, then please update this description and don't let the application crash.

    I will try that. But can you please confirm which version of android is required to install and use navigator with which version of the maps.
  • it is problem with Google (AdMob) and they say they are working on it
    you can also download maps using our PC version:

    once maps are downloaded, copy them to your
    device, android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data
  • @tomas es ist nicht wahr.

    This is problem of navigator - it was fixed in 2.2.17
  • :-), not according to SD
  • I have downloaded the maps with PC Navigator and copied the maps to my phone. This works. But when I try to download the files directly using my phone, Navigator still crashes.
    What do you mean with it was fixed in 2.2.17? The version of Navigator I have is 2.1.97? So maybe this problem is not fixed?
  • you need to wait for the next version
  • Same here (Android 2.3 on Motorola Defy). Newest Version from Playstore. Crash on every download/update-try
  • please try version 2.2.7, pre-release you can download now
  • On the website is just a link to the playstore with the version 2.1.97... Where can I download the 2.2.7?
  • This version is available for beta testers only. You can subscribe to become one when you visit MapFactor on Google Plus

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