Can't seem to download any new USA state maps
  • Not very "tech savie"  here so I hope answers will be a simple as possible. I have a Dell 2&1 type system running 8.1
    Quite some time back (well 2015) I downloaded PC Navigator 14.1
    All seemed to work out O.K. at the time. I selected from the FREE REGIONS some STATES to download.
    Again all seems fine. Basically I have most of East Coast states.
    I can start the application. Click or put an (X) in the box to start the GPS...
    Again ,everything seems to work very nice.
    Then I realized I was missing a needed STATE of West Va.
    Went to the "setup utility" and then the choice for "install map data".
    This naturally brings up the list of Country's...And USA, STATES.
    I choose (I believe it is by marking an (x) in the box for West Va to download.
    Now at some point (I believe it's BEFORE the choice to pick the STATES) It gives the choices to
    "install maps to a memory card" (which is a highlighted/select able option)
    Or "install to your device" (of which is NOT highlighted/select able) and includes the note "available only if your device is connected to your PC"
    This I don't quite get as I am not trying to use a smart phone or anything and figure my "device" IS my computer.
     And again it's not even a select able choice.
    And as some of you may already know my last choice here is
    "manage map downloads"  and the note (select to download or delete maps from PC Navigator).
    THEN the selection page for states comes up where I can make my choices for what to download.
    Oh....I do select that last option "manage map downloads" because it's the only one that makes sense.
    Again...This is where I simply select just the one STATE. 
    It seems to go through the download process , Two blue color bars slowly fill as the download is progressing...
    BUT, After the message of "successful download..." When I sign back into the Map App. It still only shows
    the maps from my initial download last year? R.I., CT, NY, DC, NC, SC, FL... But no NEW West VA?
    Now I have looked to try to find where my older map files are and can't even seem to locate them.
    I know they are on my computer somewhere because I don't need to be "On Line/connected" for them to load
    up on the map. But more importantly, No matter how many times I try to download that file for West VA, It just will
    not show up on the PC Navigator 14 Application when I restart it???????
    Here is some other information that may help you to help me (if your still reading this).
    None of the States that do show up & work seem to show as marked as available to "DELETE" on the Map Selection page.
    Said another way, After you download a State, It should show up that you have it already, So the choice on the map selection
    page is for if you want to delete it.
     CAN ANYONE give me some simple information I must be missing about how to again be able to start downloading the rest
    of the States I might like to add? Is the downloaded West Va file somehow not being directed to wherever the other state files are
    and so even though it's downloaded....It's just not loading when I start the application (or is it a program?).
    I believe I did locate the file and it was titled with something that identified it as West Va. (Forget just what). So the file is
    in one of the folders for MAP.  (Program files (x86)/Navigator14/PC_Navigator/config/map/data/usa_west_virginia_osm.mca).
    So the file HAS downloaded. And the (earth_ osm_mca) file is also there. So it's not like I don't have that "required" file.
    Are they just in the wrong place? I did try and copy & paste them in a few other upper level folders to see if that helped.
    I think I put them in "MAP" folder and maybe "config" folder.   Geeeeezzzzzzzzzz HELP!!!!! Please...
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  • From the map view, if you try a search (with the magnifying lens), it should show you the regions that you have downloaded.. So you can know for sure if the West VA map is there or not. Well, I assume it's not there. It is important that you can locate the .mca files on your computer for the states you first downloaded. The earth_osm file must be there as well. If you can find that folder, just move the West_VA.mca file there and restart Navigator. Then zoom in on West_VA. If you can see Charleston, the rivers, etc., you have done it!
  • Still no luck with this problem. I am downloading again for about the 10th time the
    map file for W.Virginia. It seems to be downloading, but I be damned to figure out where or why this application (Navigator14) seems to not load the downloaded file in the proper location like it must have when I first started using it. Any chance someone could show me exactly what a file name for say New York looks like so I might try to search for it's location? As in are there any -, or _ or any other (symbols) in the file name? Seems last time I was here trying to get info on this problem I did try a "file search" for a state name I know I have but nothing would come up? Another thing, I seem to remember when I first installed this application that sometimes when I would start it up it would have a pop up screen to tell me there were "updates" for certain of the maps I had. I notice that no longer happens? Is that any sort of clue? Thanks for any other ideas anyone can give me.
  • O.K. Sorry IUOBMP.....I see you did indeed give an example of what the file should look like for West_VA.mca Thank you.....I will try to search out another state I know I have using that (format) for the file search.
  • Problem Solved!  (I think).
    For anyone else that may find any of this information useful, This is what I believe I have figured out to resolve this issue.
    First info I will give you is the LOCATION of where the Navigator files (of at least the states) iare located on my windows 8.1 operating system machine....

                    "This PC - OS(C:) - ProgramData - Navigator - 14.1 - New folder - Data"

    You will need to (enable) the "Hidden Files option by putting a "check mark" in the box after opening up the "tab" for "VIEW". Otherwise you will not see the folder "ProgramData" and will not be able to proceed through the file string to get to the "Data" folder.
     Once here you should see all the (states) or other regional choices from around the world, that you have downloaded. I was downloading mostly East Coast States and an example of how the file looks is.....


    The files range in size from 3000 to 60,000 KB (For the states I have downloaded so far). Not sure how that translates to the more familiar MB size of files but figure if you are like me you want to have an idea as to if the file size seems "right" to know if you have all that you should. Frankly when I saw KB's for the size I thought something was wrong but I guess lines on a map are a lot different than video file size's I am use to seeing in MB's.
     Having bored you all with that....I can guess some of my problems might be from (seemingly) having multiple copies of the application downloaded. Don't know if I tried to update to a newer version or had a hiccup when downloading the first time & started over accidentally creating multiple copies. But it seems that when I download a NEW STATE that I do not currently have (which is what started me writing/asking questions here in the first place), It seems to download them into one of the OTHER Navigator files.
    Possibly this OTHER file is not the one that "loads up" when I open the application and therefore any NEW start files I add do NOT show up on the map. That is until I (Cut & Pasted) the file into the location I showed above.
     So it seems I have somewhat solved the problem, Though I have not really had a chance to download more than just the West Va fie so far. I guess the ultimate answer will be to attempt to remove the unnecessary copies of the Navigator program / application. Maybe then when I download new state files they will go to that "proper" DATA file where all the other state files are.
      So that's about all the hopefully helpful information I can give out.
    If anyone reading this has anything to add that might help me further OR confirm that what I have described sounds like why when I download NEW STATE files they seem to download but didn't show up on the map when I opened the application, I would be very interested in anyone's (educated) ideas.
    I am a bit reluctant to delete any of the Navigator applications (Icons) for fear I might delete the (good one). Obviously I am not computer educated enough to do these things with confidence. Thanks and I hope this helps someone else as well.   

  • I wanted to see in which folder my maps are located. (this is my computer at work, running Windows 7 .. at home I have windows 8.1 but I haven't checked yet where the map files are located)

    I looked for *.mca files on my hard drive and I found two paths:
    C:\Users\All Users\Navigator\15.0\Data
    They both contain earth_osm.mca and italy_osm.mca.. but I found that this is a trick by windows! There actually is only ONE copy of these files. If I delete (or rename) these files from either folder, it will automatically happen the same in the other folder.. (the word 'mirror' comes to mind..)

  • Well, I am not going to say I understand that BUT I can (somewhat) understand the "mirror" term you use.
    As I described in my last post , I don't really know if there are multiple applications that I might have downloaded and that is why I have the problem I seem to have BUT for what ever reason when I download a new (state) file it goes to some OTHER folder for Navigator. I then have to (cut & paste) it into one of the OTHER   Navigator folders for the new information (maps) to show up when I open the application.
      Again...I am not a computer guy that can put into words the reasons for this issue. I am just passing along information that might help others in my situation. 

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