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  • I do not get that when waypoints are in the correct order
    I get route as on OSM
  • a part of the ITN file :

    -111687|4685361|La Tricherie|4|
    -111423|4686509|La Guiderie|0|
    -114054|4685749|La Tacriere|0|

  • with default car settings I get route as per screenshot
    please check your settings

  • Default car settings ??

    Settings -> Vehicle profile -> New Car ?
  • yes, you can do it that way
    or you can delete file vehicle_profiles.xml when Navigator is closed
    folder  android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • Please show screenshot of Info Trajet | Itinéraire.

    What is the date of the map, what is the program version?
  • I created a new car without changing any settings and it's even worse .

  • Again, what is the sequence in Itinéraire. It really looks very strange!
  • program version 2.1.97
    map version 44-201605040

  • Hi,
    Please show us your Routepoints (Outil -> Info Trajet -> Étapes).

  • a part of the ITN file :

    -111687|4685361|La Tricherie|4|
    -111423|4686509|La Guiderie|0|
    -114054|4685749|La Tacriere|0|

  • Sorry. You already mentioned that above.
  • Is that mapversion 44-201605040 or 4050 at the end? One my phone I have 4050 (I understand this is April) and it offers an update to 5030 (May). I wonder if they have to different maps for May.

    Anyway, where you have the demitour my itinéraire has the waypoint listed, i have set manually somewhere after the crossing. I wonder, why i makes a u-turn instead of a waypoint....

    A wonder still is, why a new car (profile) makes a left turn afterwards (instead a relatively short round trough the village as with your older car).
  • Jeudi 12 Mai 2016

  • I am sorry, today is the same on my phone. I assume, I checked the wrong map for my post yesterday.

    But I wonder, why it shows one map for France and not "selectionner les régions". France was one of the split maps, wasn't it?
  • I get this itinéraire (short cut)


    The map:


    I have no more ideas.

  • That route of yours:  Did you create it yourself or did you import it from another program?

    If you created it yourself: how did you do that? Searching for places by address? Or putting waypoints along the road?

    If you imported a route: please share it with us. (I'm almost sure you imported it from another program). The names simply don't fit with Navigator which means that they come from something else.
  • ITN file :

    -111687|4685361|La Tricherie|4|
    -111423|4686509|La Guiderie|0|
    -114054|4685749|La Tacriere|0|
    -117197|4685012|Saint-Fulgent centre|0|
    -119862|4684988|Saint-Fulgent sortie|0|
    -126883|4683077|Chauche entree|0|
    -127394|4682990|Chauche centre|0|
    -128530|4683881|Chauche sortie|0|
    -132234|4687909|Les Brouzils entree|0|
    -131838|4688740|Les Brouzils centre|0|
    -132032|4689148|Les Brouzils sortie|0|
    -131714|4691309|La Funerie|0|
    -129306|4695133|La Migeonniere|0|
    -125579|4696451|La Guyonniere entree|0|
    -124594|4697070|La Guyonniere sortie|0|
    -123483|4698223|Treize-Septiers entree|0|
    -122853|4698549|Treize-Septiers centre|0|
    -122013|4699202|Treize-Septiers sortie|0|
    -120108|4701093|La Bruffiere entree|0|
    -119802|4701489|La Bruffiere centre|0|
    -120081|4702023|La Bruffiere sortie|0|
    -118450|4703651|Boussay entree|0|
    -118587|4704470|Boussay centre|0|
    -118443|4705198|Boussay sortie|0|
    -114096|4708540|La Frapiniere|0|
    -112523|4709709|Montfaucon-Montigne- STATION|2|

  • Yes, that's what I mean. I converted the itn to a route gpx in RouteConverter. Then I converted it to a Mapfactor Navigator route.
    I can now confirm your issue

    When I analyze the route itself it is OK.
  • I do have the same problem. I create routes for biking, convert them using RouteConverter and import them into Navigator. It then creates the exact same kind of weird loops.
  • Just saw reports of the same weird loops in OsmAnd for gpx tracks.
    (I still use OsmAnd for hiking and cycling)

    When manually "running" pointby point over the gpx files, also the one above, they are OK.

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