My android device runs hot while using MapFactor Navigator
  • Hi folks,

    I have updated today to latest version 2.1. As there have been many stability and hardware rendering improvements, I have finally changed my renderer to hardware.

    Unfortunately my device heats up pretty much. This was not the case with software renderer.
    Does somebody know what the reason might be?

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
    Cyanogenmod 12.1
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  • Unfortunately this is "normal" as the hardware renderer keeps the CPU quite busy, though the heat level differs from phone to phone.

    But you can influence it positively by decreasing the FPS value in the settings menu. Maybe you find a good balance between less heat and still good user experience. If not, you can still switch back to software rendering, of course ...
  • Thanks for your answer.

    Even it sounds logic what you say, I am a bit disappointed. I thought hardware acceleration included some GPU to help reducing CPU load.

    I think there are no reasons to go with hardware rendering. Subjective UI response time of software renderer feels comparable to hardare with 15 FPS, but software heats way less.
  • Yes. It is indeed the GPU. A typo I assume as she knows very well what hardware acceleration is.
    And the code is not yet very optimised.

    And please correct your own typo "device gets very while". Gets very what? :)

  • Uuups, you are right. Just corrected the title...

    Well, then I am looking forward to future versions! Waiting for updates to come soon :-)
  • Hey guys,

    additional feedback concerning this topic.

    As I really like this app, I have bought a front windows mount for my Android device where I can use it as navigator. Fine! I plugged in the 12V charger from my car and I was fine to go. With the new renderer I noticed that the energy consumption is higher than the charging current. This means that in time my phone battery goes empty and it shuts down.

    The charging current in car is limited. I guess it would be great if the hardware renderer could be improved, so that it uses less power and heats less (I have limited fps to 15).

    Many thanks in advance!

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