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  • Hi,

    I got a new smartphone, Sony this time instead of Samsung, and there are on-screen soft buttons instead of separate ones. I knew that but what I did not knew: They don´t hide. I hoped to have a slightly bigger screen but now I have less than before :(


    Hiding seems to be possible. The Sony Album for instance does what I expected: The buttons come up when you swipe upwards from the lower display border. The Sony camera reduces the symbols to dots and uses the full screen as well (no good version).

    Question: Have you thought about a fullscreen mode as well? Your menu button could easily be put next to the other tip menus, and maybe you can even add the home/back screen there. I don´t know whether most of the smartphones have on-screen or separate buttons. But I hope that it´s worth doing such a change. With the new phone it´s even worse using Navigator, and it´s even not really faster with regards to map scrolling and stuff.

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  • Look for an app called GMD full screen immersive mode.
    This topic had already been discussed and an user said this app worked fine with his Sony Xperia: http://forum.mapfactor.com/discussion/comment/8693#Comment_8693
    If you search "immersive" you will find several apps. I don't know if they are good or require root but might be worth trying.

  • Didn´t see that, thanks! I will check this. Doesn´t seem to require root but seems to have some side effects at the first glance (play store comments). I will give it a try ;)
  • Anyway this line is empty only at map-view when not navigating. When navigating the line is used for showing the next turn/target as scrolling text line. So there is no real need for an extra software for a line useful most times when using MFN.
  • Oldie, you are talking about the empty black space at the very bottom underneath th info bar (in above screenshots on the left) resp. between the soft buttons and the info bar where the 3 menu lines are located (in above screenshot on the right). Right?

    In map view w/o navigation the street and object names/descriptions are shown there when you tip on a street/object. However, I would be very happy if it would be possible to opt that space out by a yes/no setting and use it for the map itself because I very seldomly use it to read the object information. If I really want to see it I use the info button from the side bar. There I find the same information.

    In navigation mode I´m not sure ... don´t remember without trying it out but yes, there may be target information which makes sense of course.

    But back to the original topic which was not about that space but about the soft buttons shown on the right hand side above. I have tried the GMD app and yes, I think it works fine. Even the keyboard issue can be handled I think because you just need to swipe up again to get it.


    Unfortunately it does not help with regards to my initial question:


    You cannot directly see it but the map area the same on both sides. The issue is obvious: The info bar has moved down to the bottom, and even the hand symbol as well as the +/- buttons (not shown in the screenshot) have moved down. But the map size does not change. It just moves up a bit because the status bar has gone but underneath there is a big black area which is not used for anything.

    Is that a bug which can be fixed? Is that the case on other smartphones as well or on my Z5 compact only?

  • No news on that? :-/
  • This bug still exists :(
  • Fixed in version 3.0 which will be ready for testing next year I think
  • Cool, thanks. Will have a look at it.

    By the way ... different topic but ... it´s regarding the ergonomics:

    First point:
    If you have the map open and move or zoom it with your finger(s), the +/- buttons appear on the left hand side. After releasing the fingers from the display it takes 5 seconds or something until they disappear again. That´s okay. However I wonder whether it would be reasonable to display them on moving only but not on zooming – because if you use 2 fingers for zooming you probably don´t want to have the buttons there. They only cost map visibility.

    Second point:
    If you tip the display, the 2-row menu opens. This was on the right hand side previously, but the new style is okay as well. The only issue is that the +/- buttons appear as well, and they touch the menu. This is not nice but mainly leads to many misactivations of the "Navigate" button. Use case: I want to use the "-" button and tip the display instead of moving the map slightly. When I then tip the "-" several times I often hit the "Navigate" button which is quite annoying. So the +/- buttons should move a little bit up.

    Third point:
    Instead of moving the +/- buttons a bit up I would rather do the following: I would move them to the upper border of the screen, make them a bit bigger and mainly half transparent. Then you can still see the map underneath the buttons but have even more tip area. Even the current buttons have a slightly transparent fading out edge, so technically it shouldn´t be an issue.

    How about that?

  • I cannot answer you, sorry
  • Just take it as suggestion ;)

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