Navigator 11 free will not start on PNA - missing DLL
  • I installed the free Nav 11 on a storage card in a Medion PNA 4230. The Navi based on WinCE 5.0. But when I want to start Nav11 free I get the information that Nav.exe isnĀ“t found or that dlls are missing.

    With Dependency Walker I found about 8 missing dlls and copied most of them from the web.

    But ws2.dll I cannot find not, only ws2-32.dll is available.
    For COMMCTRL.DLL I found a version in the web, but the info later was that this seems to be a 16bit version and not a 32 bit as necessary.

    And 2 dlls I never can find.

    Can someone help, what I should do.

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  • Same problem, push!
  • I had similar problem, I get my *.dll from here:

    from Release 52 (but I think it should work with any), in the zip-file in directory MioAutoRun/System

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