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  • I quite like the idea of having a Head Up Display but can see nothing on the forum about how this works and how good it is.  I assume that a mirror image is shown on the phones display and this can then be placed such that the display is reflected on the windscreen.  Has anyone purchased/tried this and if so can you provide an opinion.  Would be nice to see a video of this feature as well.
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  • There was a short discussion about it, but well hidden ;-)


    (depending on your browser it can be you need to scroll a little bit up to see the post by hvdwolf I mean)
  • (The big HUD review ;)

    I purchased it as part of the entire combi.
    HUD is a mixed bag so to say. 
    For my work I drive many different rental cars (policy of my company) and depending on the size of the dashboard, the angle of the windscreen and how far off that windscreen is of the driver (me), causing differences in "projected size", the HUD works fine or not so fine.
    Instead of some windscreen-holder or ventilation holder or whatever holder, you need something like a mat on your dashboard, but once I had to make an emergency curve around something. My phone was lying on the floor in front of the passenger seat after having bounced against a few objects. So actually you need something better than that. Such an object flying at high speed through your interior can be quite dangerous (apart from possible damage to your phone or your interior).
    I have two windscreen holders. These two windscreen holders do not allow a completely horizontal position with the glass faced upwards. That would of course be the ideal solution to prevent your phone from flying.

    Finally: When it rains you can completely forget it. Of course the rain is on the outside but somehow it completely destroys the image. I had that twice in two different cars. I didn't try again afterwards.

    At this moment I'm not using it anymore but maybe others might add their experience as well and be very positive.

    EDIT: @chattiewoman was seconds earlier. I did not even realize I had already posted something about it.
  • Thanks but I read that comment before and doesn't really say anything apart from rain distorting HUD.  Would like to see some sort of review so that we can decide if we want to purchase.  Same goes for the other options as well.  Needs to be marketed for people to buy.
  • See my post :) 
  • Thanks, hvdwolf.  You posted just as I responded.  
  • You may use specific adhesive pads, to which the phone really sticks. Like this one



    The phone remains on the pad even vertically. I used such a pad twice, one time several hours on a rental car. When setting up the phone the first time at that car, the pad had become dusty somehow. So I stopped at a public toilet at the Autobahn, cleaned the pad from the dust using pure water, dried it carefully and could stick the phone again to the pad (My Xperia Z1 compact has a backside made from glas, so that probably helps as well). I find the stability really amazing, although I had not to do any emergency action, when the phone was on the pad.
  • Here you can see a photo how it might look like when you are using HUD: http://apliblog.sk/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/HUD.png

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