How to close Setup Utility?
  • I had moved the Setup Utility partly below the lower edge of the screen during map updates (> 2GB) because it took some time.


    When update was finished, I had no possibilty to close the App except via Windows task manager. Why is it not possible to act with this app as with others via the task line at the top (where I have it set to or at the lower edge - standard position) of the screen? For other apps, there a multiple possibilities to handle - close via right click at the task line; mover over at the task line, then move to small screen window of the app and move the app-window via right click menu and so on.

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  • top right corber - Schliessen?
  • You can not close because the smaller window is in front (see the blue bar at the lower edge of the screen(shot)). This front window presumebly says, that all downloads are done, but there is no way to click on that front window's button.
  • doesn't Enter help?
  • Move the cursor above the program entry in the taskbar and click it to give it focus.
    Move the cursor above the program in the taskbar and a thumbnail will appear. Then right-click that program thumbnail in the taskbar (not the program itself)
    Select/Click Move and drag the entire window combi to a suitable place on your screen
  • @tomas - no. Be aware, that I was working with other apps, when the download finished. So Enter will not help.

    @hvdwolf I tried that, but that doesn't work (Win10 pro). Wenn right-clicking on the thumbnail, the thumbnail just disappears. I can do that with other apps as Firefox, Thunderbird or Outlook for instance.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del if there is no other option
  • That is, what I finally had to do.
  • That works! =D>  Thank you!

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