All Favourites deleted - again [Edit: Bad SD Card]
  • Just noticed that all my favourites have gone - again. Haven't used them for a while, and a couple of weeks ago(?) loaded lots of locations for a holiday I'm taking soon. Not sure if any updates have been downloaded since. I've sent logs
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  • In my view your SD is faulty, or, very likely, fake.
    but please look in for file favourites.xml in the following two folders

    both on SD and internal storage
  • A) Is there specific information in the logs to support your view of faulty/fake SD Card, or is it just a possible reason for disappearing data? (I'd like something in the way of evidence to tell my supplier)
    B) I found the file, about 150 bytes long, with one entry in it (just a Lat/Long description)
  • a) yes, some logs have garbage in them - that is typical of fake SDs, but it could be just faulty
    try to reformat it
    b) that is probably new one, created later
  • I can understand that a SD card can be 'faulty'.. But what is a 'fake' SD card? I never heard of this.
  • fake SD is where it pretends to be higher capacity then it really is - for example 4GB SD pretends to be 16GB
    you can write for 4GB on it and all looks fine until you exceed this limit

    the way to check is reformat it, copy files to full capacity it should have and then try to copy thema to a folder on your PC
  • Looks like it was at least faulty, and possibly a fake. Used f3 under linux to run diagnostics. Card was very slow (more like Class2 than Class10) and unable to read back anything. Installed new card from reputable dealer rather than the 'no name' GrabOne daily deal version.

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