MFN Free: Available versions on Android and Windows Phone
  • Hi,

    for Win Phone 10, there is the v1.0.10.4 available while users of Android can already enjoy the (better) v2.0.30 DEV.
    How can we get the same on Windows? Any preview download available?


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  • you cannot, development for Windows started more then two years later
    just be patient
  • Pitty! Normally, it's feasible to maintain just one software version using a generic target wrapper, and then compile the software with a wrapper implementation to obtain an executable for the target.

  • WindowsPhone 8.1 API is very limited and it is not comparable with posibilities of Android. We were searching for multiplatform solution for Navigator project but all frameworks have limitations we cannot accept.
  • Ok, thanks. I really like MFN ! ;-)

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