MapFactor hangs when calculate a specific address on WP 8.1 (but maybe on Android and IOS too?)
  • Hello,

    first of all: Sorry for my modest english. I have a Lumia 820 and the newest version of MapFactor. Usually the calculation of a route works fine. But today i wanted to navigate to the following address: Austria, Villach, Seepromenade 11. This resulted in a calculation loop without any error message. My handy got realy hot after a while so i stoped the calculation (click the "stop" button). So i tried to calculate another route (a route which normaly works fine) but this ends again in endless calculation. After i closed the app and started it again, the app works fine again but the same thing happens again after navigate to the address mentioned above. I tried it with different routing settings but it was not possible to route to this address.

    Other navigation programms like here or tomtom or garmin has no problem to route to this address. Can someone verify this problem and try to navigate to this address? 


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  • Just checked it with the Windows version 15.0.2 and newest maps and from wherever I set my Start, even nearby, I get the message: "Routing not possible. Please check your settings, restrictions and bla, bla."
    Using default car with all streets enabled.

    The same happens with ANdroid version 2.0.30 Develop: Route not found

  • On OSM map not all Seepromenade has tag access=destination, so small part of the road/routing goes via restricted area/road. You can change map, by adding this tag to all Seepromenade road (especially small 'ending' part, around number 11) and wait for update it, or simply add via point on restricted Seepromenade road - just one crossroad before destination. Navigator is able to find routing when start, destination or via point is on restricted road, but can't find it, if routing must go/proceed via restricted area.

    If You want to get the best routing (fastest/shortest) add two waypoints around this crossroad - one on each part of the road (before and behind crossroad) and klick menu - way points - optimise. Now after 'Calculate Route' You can delete one of two no needed waypoint.
  • with TomTom maps destination can be reached
  • thx a lot for the replies. One more reason for me to use TomTom Maps, because i get no message but a endless calculation of the route since i terminate the app or the battery is empty :-).

  • This part of Seepromenade in front of house 11 is tagged as service alley. Seems not to be correct though. Map errors are not the fault of Mapfactor. @aufderhut: if you are there, you could change OSM settings or post here the facts to the street and somebody else from the forum can change tags to OSM.

    But MFN should not hang but give a message, why routing is not possible.

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