Navigator makes sounds but no voice instructions
  • G'day,
              sorry if this question has been raised a thousand times but my Tevion (Aldi) 3 1/2" GPS Wince 4.2 with external 2 gig Sd card has no voice instructions.

    I re-installed the whole thing with latest OZ maps and chose en for language but I get no voice instructions, I've checked "Settings" but can't see an enable/disable, I can however remember choosing default Win sounds somewhere but can't recreate being asked to choose something else.

    Any help with be gratefully received,
    regards Jamo.
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  • did you download sound files?
  • G'day tomas,
                        well I installed Maps choosing OZ and speed cameras and followed on by cheesing en for language, but didn't see an opportunity to choose any sounds.

    What is the sound file called and I'll check the SD card,
    regards Jamo. 
  • G'day,
              just checked SD card and found Sounds-en.mca in Data folder,
    regards Jamo
  • then check settings/languages

  • Hi tomas,
                  thanks mate but no Language choice in settings, scrolling up/down just reveals snapping to GPS, 3D etc.
    I know I've seen it somewhere, there was a choice between Windows default and something else, I just can't figure where I saw it,
  • sorry, I thought you had Android version, in CE it is in Menu/settings/application/language

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