Navigator does not stop
  • Hello all,

    According to the "Battery utilisation" (translated from french) menu, Navigator is still active after clicking on the "close" button. I tried to "force to quit" but nothing happend ... Navigator is still active and use 11% of my battery. Is it normal?

    Thanking you for your consideration

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  • Hi Kamari,
    I recommend that you use something like GSam battery Monitor to check navigator consumption.
  • Hi Tomas,

    I could not find the instant battery consumption in GSam but anyway, I think it is an abnormal behaviour that this app still appear in the android battery monitor consuming 11% even after clicking on "force to quit". I just opened this thread to notify developpers on that "bug" and maybe users can be annoyed of this.

    By the way, it is a good app, probably the best free offline navigation application ;) many thanks.

  • I think you will find that Android battery monitor is showing historic consumption, no current
  • This is the same on my Nexus 5. Every day after charging if I leave on standby the Navigator app has used over 70% of battery. If I try to force close it still uses battery.
  • Try turning off map updates check in Navigator, settings (this allows navigator to run in the background to monitor for new maps). I have map updates check turned off and have no navigator running when I look in settings, application manager, running.
  • install GSAM battery monitor, it will not give you misleading information
  • I loved the program and then uninstalled it after I found that it was using 1/3 of my power whether I was using it or not. I will reinstall it and try suggestions by tomas and Roldoft.  and report later. 
  • Same problem here, with the same 11% as the op.
    The first thing I did when I noticed that was to turn off map updates check and stop the background processes, but it didn't help, they popped back up later.
  • you need to disable Check for map updates in Settings to disable notification service
    but consumption of this service is negligible
  • Thank you for your reply.
    Like I said in my comment, "The first thing I did when I noticed that was to turn off map updates
    check and stop the background processes, but it didn't help, they popped
    back up later."
    And the battery use isn't negligible, it's 11% here.
  • You do mention it in your post but do you really use the "Quit/close" button, or do you use the "back" button "to close".
    When using the back button MNF does not close. When using the quit/close button MNF does close.
  • I do use the "Quit/close" button.
  • if you disable check for new maps and exit with Exit button, then Navigator does not run, nor does the service
    install GSam battery monitor to check consumption per application, Android can give misleading reading

  • Yes it does here even if it shouldn't.
    I didn't have any Navigator service running but I did have a Navigator and a Navigator:Notification background apps running. Even if I killed them, they came back at the next phone wake up event.
    I've now installed Autorun Manager to disable the autostart and it seems to do the trick (the phone is rooted). The battery use for Navigator has already dropped to 10% (the equivalent to the consumption of about 40 minutes of screen on time at this point).
  • Following your advice to install GSam battery monitor, I've noticed that the reading is indeed misleading. So the Navigator background apps battery use is negligible.
    Still, it would be better if they didn't run at all.
  • you can switch Check for new maps off in Settings
  • You keep telling me that, but it's already disabled.
    However, I've tried to re-enable it, and I see a difference when it's enabled: Navigator:Notification stays active as a service. Where as when disabled, it only stays as cached process, and is restored as a cached process when I kill it and then lock/unlock the phone.
    So it would seem that, no mater what, the Navigator:Notification service is started each time we unlock the phone, then it checks the setting "Check for new maps" and shuts down if it's disabled.
    So you may want to not register the ACTION_USER_PRESENT intent when that setting is disabled.
  • @ mapper: On my phone a similar problem appeared with mapfactor. Even with all processes beeing killed it drains the battery. Installing GSam battery and checking "include sensors in calculation" I got a steady magnetic field reading by mapfactor. Unchecking "compass use" in mapfactor does not help.
  • I am sorry, but I do not know where you get "include sensors in calculation"
  • GSam 3.26 -> Preferences -> Device Power Profiles -> include sensors in Calculation
  • I see, but I cannot see that Navigator, when closed, would use any sensors

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