MapFactor Free and Navilock NL-8002U (Ublox8) supported?
  • Hello All!

    I am trying to use the NL-8002U Receiver with MapFactor Free (14 so far). But i am running into a gps timout and get no data from the receiver
    within mapfactor. The chipset is kinda new, is it supported by MapFactor? Any special settings needed regarding the NMEA Protocol?
    Will MapFactor Free (15) the better choice?

    Hope someone can help...

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  • may be you need install drivers first?
    or you may be setting incorrect baud rate?
  • Hello!

    In u-center (a small utility for those ublox receivers) everything works as expected. I get a fix for a lot of satetlites. But just in Free Navigator i run into that timeout issue. Even the autosearch did not recognize
    the gnss receiver. I suspect a wrong nmea protocol version here. Which version, Free Navigator is supporting?
  • Crazy thing is, FreeNavigator isnt able to discover that device on its own, regarding the baudrate. I cant say why. In a normal terminal program, i can see that nmea frames coming in from the port where the receiver is connected.
  • Ah. Okay. Managed it. I just need to use the Sensor Software-Device coming with the driver from that ublox8 device. Then i can choice it within FreeNavigator. Everything works fine now! :)

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