Bicycle Routed Along Pedestrian-only Paths and Footways
  • When I have tried to find a bicycle route using Navigator Free the route proposed often uses OSM ways that are tagged "Footway" or "Path" (these are very often pedestrian-only ways i.e. tagged bicycle=no)   
    I can largely avoid this problem by changing the Bicycle Route Setup to prohibit use of Other Road but that means cycle ways and other off road routes where bicycles are permitted are not used unless the Start or Destination is off road
    Overall many of the proposed bicycle routes are of no practical use
    Is there any proposal to improve the selection of bicycle routes?  If not why retain the option to select bicycle routes?
    My solution is to use BRouter/Oruxmaps or Graphhopper/Locus Map   However these sometimes still have the same problem but to a lesser degree
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  • No one else with the same problem or any good hints?
    I guess the MF team is also committed to other things - mainly related to motor vehicles   Fair enough
  • Yes, others have this problem as well. 
    The bicycle routing implementation is quite basic. Other users, including myself, also reported the issue that roads really tagged as cycleway (and cycleway only) were not used if a bollard was positioned on that cycleway.
    The "other roads" option should indeed be split up in at least 2 options to separate the pedestrian only paths/ways from the cycleways and mixed cycleway/footways.

    The team is quite small and indeed focused on car navigation.
  • @ hvdwolf
    Nice summary 
    Yes I noted the posts abut the bollard tag restricting cycle routing Let's hope the team in due course can find the time to improve cycle routing
    I appreciate your time

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