Exit program properly when not navigating with back button
  • Could there be an option for the program to properly shut down when I press the back button if I'm not navigating. I can understand why people would want it to continue running so they can do other things on their phone while navigating, but I don't see why the back button shouldn't operate like any other app when not in navigation mode. It would make it easier to turn off the app and people wouldn't accidentally leave it running as it drains the battery (not by much, but it still counts).

    It's not a big deal but I feel this would be a helpful function
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  • yes, but having two different functions for Back button would be confusing

  • Could make it an option instead of a hard set feature, but I cant think of anyone who would press back when not navigating and actually want the program to keep running. It stores your current destination and your previous searches even when it does properly close any way so unless someone's phone is really really slow at starting the app up theres no reason I can think of for them not to just open the app again if they close it accidentally.

    I guess it also shouldn't shutdown when updating maps.

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