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  • Currently there is "speed zoom" which zooms out to a certain level when driving faster. What I need is the navigator to zoom out to the next waypoint/turn. I call this an "Event".

    Imagine an "Event Zoom" that always zooms out to the next event. I have just exited a roundabout and the next turn is in 45km. The navigator now zooms out so the next turn is visible within the screen. After say 20km the navigator still shows the next turn within the screen - just zoomed in to match the distance.
    I often miss this feature when driving because it would give me a pretty good overview of what is coming next.

    I think this is worth a vote :-)
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  • Hi again,

    Just to get this traight, but I need to understand your opinion better:
    Why do think it's a bad idea to implement a feature that you actively have to select to use it? If you do not select and use this feature then it should not be problem/annoyance, right?
    It's like voice assisted guidance: I never use it, but since I can just mute the sound it is never a problem for me. Others might find it useful, so why should I "-1" it?

    I hope I do not sound to negative here, but I would really like to understand your point of view on this one :-)
  • Thanks for joining the discussion!

    @Oldie: The "eventzoom" does not show the next 45 km if there is a turn before that. This is the whole point here. It always zooms out so the next turn is visible. No matter if it happens in 45m or 45km...

    I was obviously not clear enough: In Settings you can turn "autozoom" on/off. "Eventzoom" should obviously also be selectable like "autozoom" :-)

    This way those who do not like it can deselect it and those who do like it can select it. Then we can all benefit from this.

  • I don't agree to a user option becaue I simply wouldn't use it. 
    MNF perhaps doesn't show where the next turn is, but it always tells you where thenext move is.Yesterday, it toldme to take exit 18 which was 83 km further away. I prefer that more then a zoomed-out view.

    You are also only thinking of motorways I assume. Some time ago I drove in a mountainous area (very low mountains though) on a very curvy road. Next exit was in 30 km or so. I was very glad to see every curve in my MNF so I could anticipate the next short/long/half-circle curve and adjustmy speed as the steep hills/mountains prevented that, instead of some zoomed out section of 30km.
  • -1 from me :-o. I do not want to see the next 45 km on the map but the next hundred(s) of meters. I want to know the very next turns, intersections etc. to come.
  • I agree with Oldie here
  • I agree too. Anything beyond the nearer environment is for me useless for detailed navigation.
  • I Agree with oldie
  • I have no objection to a "selectable solution" as long as one part of the selection is a preview of the very next parts of the route.
  • I would use such a feature. 
  • just in case you do not know this, you can click on the next manouvre button, which will take t=you to itineray and next manouvre will be first listed - click on it and select show on map
    it is three click operation, but it can be done
  • Oh, I didn't know that, I'll give a try while driving to see if it can be used safely. Thanks @tomas.
  • I tried it, but it seems that it just zooms in on that manoeuvre. What I would like it to do is to always have current position and next manoeuvre on the screen...
  • @tomas: Is there any chance that this will be implemented? Best guess?

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