routing error railroad crossing
  • I use the Android Navigator Ver. 2.0.30 DEVELOP together with OSM maps.
    There is a routing error when I try to navigate across a railroad. The location is lat=51.67642 lon=11.5600395.
    When you set the start on the east side of the crossing and the target on the west side the program calculates a detour.
    I checked the OSM and for me it looks OK.
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  • Please share OSM link so that we can check too.
  • According to it should be here

    If it is that, if have no problems to calculate with 1.6.20 and latest maps without detour.
  • Yes it is the right location but I checked it again in more detail. The Problem is not the railroad crossing but the bridge a few meters east of it. The bridge is actually under cunstruction and closed for cars and someone has put this into OSM. So far so good but I don't know if it is a good idea to put every temporary road construction into the map!?
    If the person who put it into the map forget it to correct it after finishing of the construction work the road seams to be closed for all the time.
  • The contruction was added in August and the description says "until 27.11.2015". If a construction is longer than a month I consider the tagging as construction ok.

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