My navigator crashed and all data lost
  • yesterday (8/10/15 20:45) I opened navigator.
    sound was low. also in waze and I also checked the music player.
    I restart my phone (samsung android) and start navigator.
    it asked for maps download. I did not approved cause I was out with no wifi.
    today I opened it again, it asked for download and I approved.
    after navigator was up again, I found out there is nothing in MyPlaces.
    Filling lost, I checked the files.
    in the phone I found directory of navigator with all files new from yesterday and today.
    in the SD, where all data files where, there is directory with only temp directory in it :-(
    My assumption is that after restart, the connection with the sd card was not established on time. but where is all the data there ???
    anybody knows what happened and why ?
    I love so much this application, and all my favorites points gone away.
    any way to restore the data ? (I did not back it up manually..)
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  • look in folder navigator, probably on your SD
  • "in the SD, where all data files where, there is directory with only temp directory in it" this is the navigator folder on the external card, where all data were originally.
  • and in the internal storage?
  • I try delete folder navigator in sd card, favourites sitll are in app?????
  • if you delete folder, then all files within that folder will also be deleted
  • I will try to explain again:

    I did not delete anything !!

    the application was on the external card.
    I was in the middle of navigation inside the application.
    because of low sound, I restart the phone.
    After restart, I enter the application.
    it asked to download maps.
    I did not understand what happen.
    something caused by the restart.
    after allow it to download, there was no favorites. all fresh new.
    I looked at the files.
    external sd has navigator folder with temp folder inside. all things gone.
    internal storage has navigator folder with all the files, but all new installation.

    anybody understand why the restart cause the application to do that ?

    my assumption:
    the application could not rich the external card, after restart, so it ask to download.
     the application install all from scratch on the internal.
     but why in hell it deleted all it's data in my external card ??
  • go to settings and click Send logs
    copy your description please.
  • tomas,
    I went to see the logs.
    all of them are new. nothing in there :-(
    and where should I send them to ?
  • from settings click Send logs, it will insert email address

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