Re-routing availability in Navigator 15 FREE (for windows platform)
  • Hello,
    I have been testing several gps navigations for windows platform and NAVIGATOR came out quite good....only thing that surprised me was it's inability to reroute when i chose to take a different route. So my question is whether this feature is enabled in paid version, or if it is not there at all.
    Thanks in advance for a quick reply.
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  • automatic rerouting is available in both free and paid version
    not sure why you think otherwise
  • and how long should it take application to realize it should re-route? ...for example i  took a wrong turn (on purpouse) and and the application didn't respond to that for another 10 minutes till i reached the end of my drive...i have to add that my location was shown correctly all the time on the map
  • there is no fixed time, it depends on many factors, but 10 minutes is far too long, usually just a few seconds
    may be your GPS did not have fix?
  • the icon on my position has a question mark in it (as you can see in the picture here), but as i said the location is shown correctly and my positiion moves every few seconds as i'd expect.
  • the device i run it on is Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad
  • if you have questionmark, then you do not have fix
    icon can still move, but NMEA says position invalid
  • you have any idea how to fix/workarround this? most of the other apps have valid positions, windows maps sais its aproximate (5m) whitch is quite fixed in my opinion. Even navigator moves in correct positions every second so i don't see why it shouldn't accept this position....

  • but that may be from your wifi, not from GPS
    you can record NMEA in Navigator, or using hyperterminal
  • wifi is turned off (i'm running connection using sim card) , here is an example of my .nmea file (haven't found any other type of entry)


    so far i think it has something to do with the module panasonic is used for this toughpad...its Sierra wireless location sensor...any ideas?
  • When i installed GPSReverse tool from here: so it maps data from location sensor to virtual COM port, it got fix imediately (so at least i know the sensor is working), but it was jumping to the sea ( i guess 0.00 - 0.00) every second position =(
  • in RMC you get 0 -second field
    in GGA you also get 0 - after E you should get fix quality, but it is 0 (invalid)
  • this is a sample from NMEA after i mapped it to a vritual COM port... 


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