Install Navigator free on mio c250
  • Hello!!

    I don't know if this is the best forum to ask this question but I tried on another sites and I don't had any answer....

    Well, the theme is "easy", I have an OLD mio c250 gps device and I would like to install a free navigator with free maps. I know OSM and looks very good, and this program too on android. I thinking if is possible to install mapfactor free on my win ce 5.0 device, and this I will try to do it, but, is possible (or any easy way) to install it without use dangerous things like miopocket (I think is dangerous)???

    Please, I need an answer to this question before start...

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  • Miopocket is the best way to test navigator on mio c250 but You are right that Navigator works better on clear Windows, and installed on internal memory (maps on sdcard).
  • Yes, it is clear...but, i meant if is possible to install navigator on the device without touching anything of operating system. Leave everything as is and only renaming some files and copy the program to sd or something similar.
  • Sometimes it is possible, just try, or look for topic 'how to unlock mio c250'.
    I found on the other forums, with the other navigation program, that it is a little more difficult (and dangerous).
    They suggest change/flash ROM to 2.0, install software, unlock and add panel, than install navigation software.
    If You are not advance with it, I suggest contact with people/service, they know what to do.
    Look at forum (pl):

    I suggest connect navigation with pc, by active sync, plus TransferMioC250. Install navigator free in the same folder as/with mionavigation and rename mionavi.exe to bak and navigator.exe to mionavi.exe.
    Max 4GB SD card (Transcend Platinum), not SDHC.
    Folder with navigation:
    Mio Device/Program Files/miomap
    File for renaming: miomap.exe (not mionavi).
    Sometimes additional *.dll files are needed.
    Port COM2 and speed 4800 should work (for GPS).
  • I've found my 10-year beloved c250 in my cellar... I'd like to offer it a second life.
    Has somebody already tried to install Navigator Free on this like the OP?

    Sorry to post on a 2 years 1/2 thread but it's really the only one returned for this particular device.

    Thanks a lot!

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