How to find a route in Windows device a how to transfer it from the computer
  • Hello,
    I have installed Navigator Free on my PC (Windows XP) ana I have set a route on it. Now I would like to transfer it to my mobile device (windowsCE) but I cannot find it anywhere. Where are the saved routs and how can I transfer them?
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  • copy file routing_points.xml from your PC to your CE device
    on XP it is in c:\documents and settings\"user"\application data\navigatr\x.x\
  • Thank ypu but the file routing_points.xml does not exist on my computer. I have set 2 different routes but there is no such a file on my computer. I have also set a few routes on my mobile device and there is also no .XLM file on it. I can only see .dll files everywhere. What i going on?
  • Ok I have found the routing_points.xml in Windows XP it is hidden  the folder 
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application data\Navigator\15.0.
    The folder Application data is hidden.

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